PDMA Student Chapters
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PDMA Student Chapters PDMA students networking

PDMA Student Chapters serve as an instrumental way to mentor students in the product development industry. 

The mission of PDMA Student Chapters is to promote the mission of PDMA on college campuses, possibly spanning business, engineering, and design schools, to offer educational and professional development resources and opportunities to students.

A PDMA Student Chapter is to be comprised of individuals who are working towards a Product Development degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master or PhD). With membership to a PDMA Student Chapter, students receive a PDMA Student Membership for four (4) years, including electronic access to the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM)Visions digital magazine, Connections monthly e-newsletterplus access to web-based resources. Student membership can also afford students benefits such as networking, knowledge, job opportunities, and mentorship.

PDMA is proud to kick off the PDMA Student Chapter program with five pilot chapters in 2016, but hopes to expand globally with growth of the program.

Forming PDMA Student Chapters

  • San Francisco State University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
  • Northeastern University 
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • University of Illinois at Chicago 

Discover whether a PDMA Student Chapter on your campus could benefit  students entering the industry today.

Contact pdma@pdma.org with questions about starting or maintaining a PDMA Student Chapter.