PDMA Student Chapter Qualifications and Application Process

    Student Chapter Qualifications

    • Institution has a program related to product development and/or innovation that leads to a product development degree.
    • Institution has at least one (1) full-time faculty member who is a PDMA member and who agrees to serve as faculty advisor.
    • Existing organized group of students has a minimum membership of five (5) undergraduate and/or graduate students (at least half-time) in Product Development.

    Student Chapter Application Process

    PDMA Student Chapter Applications are reviewed as submitted and appropriate follow up will occur within two business days. Please submit materials directly to along with any questions.

    Student Membership Process 

    Joining a PDMA Student Chapter grants each member four (4) years of PDMA Student Membership free of cost. Four years of Student Chapter Membership is included regardless of a student's current year in school. (i.e. Seniors will still have three (3) remaining years of PDMA Student Membership after graduating). Be sure that Student Chapter members take advantage of the benefits of PDMA Student Membership.

    Note that Elizabeth Conner at PDMA Headquarters will be point of contact for activating Student Chapter memberships in the PDMA database.

    Process for Activating Student Membership Profiles in PDMA Database for Student Chapter Members:

    • Upon review and approval of Student Chapter Application by PDMA Board of Directors, Elizabeth Conner at PDMA Headquarters will review roster of members and contact information.
    • PDMA Headquarters will build out individual member profiles in the PDMA database, sending student members and Faculty Advisor website login information and passwords.
    • Student Chapter members and Faculty Advisor will enjoy Student Member benefits for four (4) full years, after which membership will expire in the system and students will be up for renewal as a PDMA Professional, Academic, or Team member at a fixed rate.

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