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    OCI Awards Criteria

    We are looking for organizations that can demonstrate the use of disciplined practices to continuously develop and launch a stream of value creating new products and services.

    The specific criteria are:

    • Sustained success in launching new products over a five-year time frame.
      This measure confirms the winner's approach to innovation and new product development goes beyond a single major product success. The winner's new product track record over an extended period provides adequate time to establish its ability to perform at an exceptional level in new product development.
    • Significant company growth from new products.                                           
      This standard insures that new products that simply upgrade and replace previous company products are not considered the sole basis of outstanding performance.
    • Well defined new product development practices and processes that can be described to others.
      Since the OCI Award is a learning tool for other practitioners, it is essential that the winner have new product development practices and processes that can be described adequately to the membership.
    • Distinctive innovative characteristics and intangibles.
      This standard recognizes unique and innovative characteristics of the organization's approach to the new product development process that make it particularly suitable for the organization. It also provides for the recognition of noteworthy intangibles including the organization’s culture.

    PDMA employs a rigorous evaluation process for the OCI Award and companies which participate in the process benefit from receiving expert external feedback on their innovation practices and results. Winners are recognized globally and can use this recognition to motivate and reward their organizations.

    Firms, regardless of size or industry, which meet the above criteria, are candidates. Self- nominations are encouraged.

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