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    PDMA offers several different membership types. Please review the information below to identify what option suits your individual needs.

    Academic: PDMA offers Academic Membership to those who are employed full-time with an academic appointment as a professor, research specialist, department head, director or dean of a college, university or other academic institution with an educational responsibility including new product development, innovation or other related fields or subjects.

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    Professional: PDMA offers Professional Membership to those who are currently working in or are interested in professional development, information, collaboration and promotion of product development and management. Our professional members include new product developers from a variety of industries and business practices of all levels.

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    Student: PDMA offers Student Membership to those who are currently taking classes related to product development and are not employed full-time. A copy of a current school-issued class schedule is required to document your student status. Student Memberships are subject to PDMA approval.

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    Teams: PDMA offers Team Membership to companies looking to sign up multiple employees. A team consists of a primary contact and up to 10 team members. Companies must sign up at least three employees (primary contact and two team members) in order to qualify for Team Membership. The primary contact's dues are assessed at $500, and each team member's dues are assesed at $100 each.

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