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    University Program

    Through the University Outreach Initiative, the Georgia chapter of the Product Development and Management Association is dedicated to building and promoting a community of new product developers and center of New Product Development Excellence by facilitating opportunities for interaction, networking, and New Product Development education activities between university faculty and students, and professionals.

    Student Paper Competition

    The purpose of the Competition is to foster and recognize outstanding undergraduate and graduate student efforts in the area of New Product Development (NPD)

    Participant Qualifications

    All individual students or student teams enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate class oriented towards new product development during the current academic year are eligible.

    This competition is open to all universities and colleges in Georgia and the surrounding states.

    The paper may encompass any type of new product regardless of whether it is a good (i.e. a tangible product) or a service. Goods may be of any type, including food products.  The competition is open to any paper which has been prepared as part of a graduate or undergraduate class assignment. 

    Papers which have been submitted to outside sources for review, funding, or production possibilities are NOT ELIGIBLE.

    There are no rules dictating the specific format of the paper as papers will be evaluated on their content. We do expect that some format, such as the APA (American Psychological Association), IEEE or Chicago Style will be followed.

    Participants should, however, be mindful of the judging criteria. Papers should, therefore, contain sections or sub-sections that address these criteria. It is also expected that references to other works will be appropriately cited and that there will be a References (i.e. Bibliography) section. The rules of academic integrity apply. Plagiarism will lead to automatic disqualification.  GA/PDMA reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not meet the rules or spirit of the competition.

    Winning papers will be presented to a live audience (a GA PDMA Chapter meeting) For this reason, consideration of appropriate visual illustrations is advised.


    A Jury composed of New Product Development experts will evaluate the papers. Awards will be based upon their overall contribution to the NPD discipline, creativity, and quality of the paper.

    The Jurors will use the following criteria.

    • Problem(s) Solved: Why is the product needed and what problem or problems will it solve?
    • Product Concept: Definition/description of the proposed new product and its capabilities through written descriptions, drawings, prototypes, etc.
    • Innovation: How is the product new and/or an improvement over some other product?
    • Appeal: How useful, usable and desirable is the product?
    • Market/Product Strategy, including User Value: Who are the intended users and how do the product’s features provide value to these users?
    • Benefits to the Business: How will the product improve a company’s business?
    • Impact: What are the potential side effects of the new product, negative and/or positive?
    • Promotional Strategy: What is the strategy to reach the target customer, including details on the types of media to use, the major selling points and the primary distribution channels?
    • Project/Product Planning: What is the plan to implement development and production of the proposed product?
    • Consumer Research: What evidence is given that the product performs a useful function (usefulness), is easy to use (usability) and is desirable to potential customers?
    • Market Analysis: What is the estimated market size, what does the competition landscape look like and how much should the product cost?


    There will be awards to undergraduate students totaling $1,000 and graduate students totaling $1,500.

    Winning papers will be presented to a live audience of NPD professionals on April 17, 2008.


    • Fall Deadline: November 21, 2013   Papers Due via email submission, 5:00 pm
    • Spring Deadline: April 4, 2014   Papers Due via email submission, 5:00 pm
    • Awards Presentation: April 19, 2014: Presentation of winning papers at GA PDMA Chapter meeting


    Papers must be submitted electronically to by 5:00 pm EST. Documents should be in a .pdf or .doc file format.

    All submissions must include the following information:

    • Names of all individuals in the participating group
    • Academic status (Graduate or Undergraduate)
    • Contact information for at least one group representative including email and phone number
    • Academic institution name
    • Advising professor (if applicable)


    Please contact:

    Steve Meister
    Big Bang 
    (404) 614-0660

    Note to Faculty:

    If you are interested in having a member of the Georgia PDMA Chapter speak to your class about the Student Paper Competition, please contact Steve Meister at or by phone at (404) 614-0660.

    Additionally, GA PDMA members with particular expertise will be happy to address your class on specific topics, such as the NPD process, quantitative and/or qualitative research methods, or industrial design.

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