Body of Knowledge (BOK) 

    The PDMA Body of Knowledge (PDMA-BOK) organizes, distills, and provides ready access to the continuously evolving core knowledge needed and used by product development and product management professionals and their organizations. The Body of Knowledge will start with the basics and rapidly grow as the PDMA community at large contributes. It provides the following important benefits to the PDMA community:

    • Generally agreed-upon definitions and summaries of important concepts, tools, methodologies and processes, etc.
    • Promotes the better usage and more widespread adoption of practices that improve effectiveness access to "best of" related reference information around key topic areas.
    • Minimizes time needed to search for deeper information and further promotes continuous learning.
    • Links to latest writing, presentations, and discussion forums.
    • Provides a way to learn about leading edge concepts and innovations in the application of current and new practices.

    Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) 

    The Journal of Product Innovation Management is the leading academic journal devoted to the latest research, theory, and practice in new product and service development. It is published six times a year, and is one of the important benefits of being a member of PDMA.


    Visions an award-winning industry magazine is published several times a year and contains articles on practical tools and techniques dealing with a wide variety of product development and product management issues. Visions is one of the most highly acclaimed PDMA member benefits.

    Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award 

    The Outstanding Coriporate Innovator (OCI) Award is the prestige recognition for companies that have achieved innovation sustained (5 years or more) of quantifiable business results from new products and services. 2012 marks the 25th Anniversary of the esteemed award.

    Drivers of NPD Success

    This booklet reports on PDMA research on industry best practices in product development. It contains information about current new product development trends and practices against which you can compare your own firm to diagnose strengths and weaknesses. This can then allow you to determine which actions your firm can take to further improve the processes of product development. To purchase the Drivers of NPD Success visit the PDMA Online Store.

    PDMA Online Store

    The PDMA Online Store offers a variety of books, webcast recordings, presentations, white papers and copies of Visions magazines for download and/or purchase.

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