The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is the premier global advocate for professionals and organizations working in the field of new product development, management and innovation. With over 3,000 members representing product development professionals and academics from all sectors of the economy in more than 50 countries worldwide, PDMA provides resources, information, collaboration and promotion to help members excel in their field. No other organization provides the range of useful products and services to product development people as does PDMA.

    As an international organization, PDMA has both U.S. based Chapters and International Affiliates, where you can connect locally with innovators in your region.

    To begin the membership application process, you will first need to identify if you are based in the United States or internationally.

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    If you are a non-member simply looking to make a purchase from the PDMA Store, interested in joining the online communities or looking to register for a PDMA event, click below to create your PDMA guest account.

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