Student Membership

    PDMA offers Student Membership to those who are currently taking classes related to product development and are not employed full- time. A copy of a current school-issued class schedule is required to document your student status. Student Memberships are subject to PDMA approval.

    Student Membership dues in the United States run on an anniversary schedule. Membership is active for 12 months from the date you join or renew.

    International Student Membership dues run on a calendar year beginning January 1 - through December 31 of a given year.

    Below is a breakdown of the membership dues by country and options for membership.

    As an international organization, PDMA has both U.S. based Chapters and International Affiliates, through which you can connect locally with innovators in your region.

    To begin the membership application process, you will first need to identify if you are based in the United States or internationally.

    I am based in the United States or Canada

    I am based Internationally


    Country Dues Amount
    United States $35 -  E-Membership
    Australia $30 -  E-Membership
    Central America
    (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama)
    $30 -  E-Membership
    China $30 -  E-Membership
    (Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, German-speaking Switzerland)
    $30 -  E-Membership
    France $54 -  E-Membership
    India $25 - E-Membership
    Indonesia $30 -  E-Membership
    Mexico $30 -  E-Membership
    For more information and to join, visit
    New Zealand $30 -  E-Membership
    Peru $30 -  E-Membership
    Sub-Saharan Africa $30 -  E-Membership
    South Korea $30 -  E-Membership
    Southern Europe
    (Italy, French-speaking Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Monaco)
    $30 -  E-Membership
    UK/Ireland $30 -  E-Membership
    Unaffiliated International $30 -  E-Membership

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