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    AIMAdvanced Industrial Marketing, Inc.
     Specialties: Corporate Training, Seminars, and Conferences
                       Market Research/"Voice of the Customer" Research
                       Process & Best Practices Consulting Firms/Consultants
                       Specialized NPD Consulting (e.g.: Particular Industries, Practice Areas, etc.)
                       Tools and Software (Enterprise, PLM, Process Software, etc.)
     2206 20th Street
     Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                          ph: 330-715-8709
                                          fax: 216-373-2026

    AIM improves your B2B product development... with training & software. Our New Product Blueprinting is a breakthrough, front-end process built specifically around B2B customer interviews. It goes far beyond consumer-oriented VOC methods. And because we build personal skills-from market research to business case-we can work within your existing NPD process.

    New Product Blueprinting
    If your company supplies businesses - not end-consumers - your product development process may be outdated. New Product Blueprinting brings crystal-clarity to the fuzzy front end of B2B product development, with breakthrough methods not found anywhere else. AIM conducts workshops globally for the world's largest firms. We're not hired guns that interview your customers for you. Instead, we help you do this, giving you a competitive advantage.

    New Product Blueprinting: the Web Site

    The New Product Blueprinting site describes in-depth what you can expect if your company adopts this methodology. The site includes:

    • Video Tour - Dan Adams introduces New Product Blueprinting in 6 brief videos you can play in any order.
    • Executive Briefings and Newsletter - Blueprints for Growth executive briefings are designed for the busy executive ... 2 idea-rich pages focused on organic growth for B2B suppliers. Download or subscribe to the newsletter for free.
    • On-Site Workshops - We think understanding your customers' deepest needs is your job. Our job is to provide you with skills and tools to do this better than your competitors - and then get out of your way. AIM conducts training workshops for many of largest firms around the world. We focus on one thing - helping B2B suppliers improve their new product development.
    • Online Team Training (TEAM e-MMERSION) - Now a single new product team can receive just-in-time training as it advances its project... through a series of 12 remote coaching sessions and 31 online self-paced training modules. View 7 excerpts of modules on interviewing, customer tours, trigger methods, and more.
    • Blueprinter® Software - Blueprinter 4.0, based on Microsoft Excel®, helps your technical and commercial people implement New Product Blueprinting. Your teams use this software to focus on high-value activities like secondary market research, customer interviewing, customer tours and competitive benchmarking... instead of number-crunching or chart-making.
      Excel® is a registered trademark of The Microsoft Corporation
      New Product Blueprinting: the Book

    Read New Product Blueprinting: The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth by Dan Adams to learn why some of the largest B2B suppliers in the world have adopted New Product Blueprinting.

    • Purchase from Amazon.com- Check out reviews, read key sections and purchase from Amazon.com.
    • Download selected chapters  - Chapters are available for free from the New Product Blueprinting web site. Chapter headings include "This Book is for B2B... not Consumer Goods", "Use Customer Interviews for a Competitive Edge", and others...
    • Endorsements - Read endorsements from DuPont, Dow, Sherwin-Williams and others.


    Strategy 2 Market

    Strategy 2 Market
    Specialty: Specialized NPD Consulting (eg.: Particular Industries, Practice Areas, etc.)
    29 North Wacker, Suite 701
    Chicago, IL 60606
    ph: 312.212.3144


     Our Approach:
    Our consulting assignments typically focus on improving the new product development system. Too often we see companies try to fix the new product development system by focusing on just the development process - the specific activities, inputs and outputs required to create a new product. Rarely does this work because of the interdependencies of the different elements in the new product development system.

    A New Product Development System is just that: a system. All the elements must support and reinforce each other in order for the system to generate new products in as effective and efficient manner as possible. The elements are essentially the same for every organization, but the way in which the elements are defined, the way they link together and the specific tools, processes and skills utilized will differ by organization. With our proprietary NPD Elements methodology, we create an integrated approach for improving your new product development system.

    Our Consulting Process:
    The typical process for our consulting assignments starts by assessing the current new product development system to identify what works, what doesn't work and what is missing. From there we develop a set of recommendations and a plan for improving the system. Finally, to ensure knowledge transfer, we work with your new product development team to design and implement the improved system. The end result is a sustainable, smooth-running system that creates successful new products on-time, on-budget and on-strategy for years to come.

    Our Offerings:

    • Developing Strategy: We assist in developing and linking Innovation, Product, Market, Platform, Technology strategies and Product/Technology Roadmaps
    • Establishing a Sustainable NPD System: We approach NPD holistically, by incorporating strategy, portfolio management, process, project management, resource planning, team and organizational framework
    • Building a New Product Development Pipeline: We help you develop a sustainable pipeline program to identify and select successful new product ideas
    • Developing a Portfolio Management and Resource Allocation System: We assist your team with the integration of the portfolio management system and the resource management process. This will ensure optimization of your resources so that your employees are being effectively utilized.
    • Improving Time-to-Market: We help reduce cycle time, and get your products to market faster
    • Integrating Mergers & Acquisitions: Our approach provides a great foundation for integrating NPD between your new acquisitions and your core company
    • Organizing for Innovation®: We help develop an organizational structure that supports your NPD strategy, process, and
      cross-functional teams
    • Developing New Product Development Skills: Our proprietary NPD Knowledge Base will help your employees build valuable NPD skills

    Understanding External Market Factors
    We can help you understand the needs of your customers, and the value they place on your products. We have been certified by ExperiencePoint to teach their Design Thinker framework. It was jointly developed by IDEO and ExperiencePoint to help teams within organizations think differently, and it won the 2011 Edison Award.


    New HorizonNew Horizons Business Ventures, Inc.
    Specialty: Consulting Services - Business Innovation Strategy

    A research and development focused management consulting company. A management resource for recession survival offering business leadership books and management self-study courses. Visit aboutrecessionsurvival.com for information about our products.


    Consulting Services - Business Innovation Strategy
    NUI Galway
    College of Engineering and Informatics
    Hawthorn Consulting Group
    We offer insurance carrier consulting on their product development, marketing strategy and product management practices.
    Diderich Consulting
    Developing business and product strategies, managing product portfolios, implementing process and technology improvements, and training
    Corporate Training, Seminars, and Conferences
    RAISE Consultancy Services
    CAE Simulations, Robust Design, SixSigma & Innovation, VoC Analysis WWW.LRAMANAN.COM 
    Front End of Innovation Consulting
    Flotree Consulting
    Innovate and design with confidence. User research and insight for customer-centered design. www.flotree.com
    Ideation, Futurism, and Culture Consulting
    Mark Mack LLC
    Innovation & Creativity Experts helping its customers launch ideas toward commercialization.
    Crowd ideation and problem solutions for product, process, and people in ways never before possible.
    Legal Services and IP Protection/Patent Law
    Carter, Deluca, Farrell & Schmidt, LLP (contact attorney: Jason B. Scher, Esq.)
    445 BroadHollow Road Melville, NY 11747
    631.501.5700 x2
    Legal services related to patents (inventions), trademarks, and copyrights.
    NPDP Certification Exam Preparation Training: PDMA Approved Provider
    ROADMAP provides New Product Development training (as NPDP-REP), consulting and engineering services.Roadmap to Success...
    Product Design & Development Firms
    American Megatrends Inc.
    Product Design & Development Firm
    EdgeWave is a company that delivers managed SaaS, on-premises and hybrid services to enforce AUP.
    Cambridge Design Partnership
    Consulting company developing 'first of a kind' products in the medical, consumer and cleantech sectors.
    zinus. liu@gigabytecm.com
    World head Smartphone design and manufacturing.
    Tolls and Software (Enterprise, PLM, Process Software, etc.)   
    Runzheimer International
    Runzheimer International specializes in employee mobility management to help organizations:

    Reduce expenses
    Increase agility
    Improve employee satisfaction

    Digital Pulishing Innovation
    Providing Consulting services and SaaS solutions for product development and publishing.

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