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    9th Annual PDMA Georgia Summit 2012 - Going Global
    September 27, 2012

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    PDMA Georgia Summit Highlights

    By Amanda Setili, Managing Partner, Setili & Associates and Alan Deeter, Proving Ground

    Here are some the highlights of this year’s summit:

    Round Table Discussion on “Designing for Global Markets

    Panelists shared stories illustrating how observing the customer in his or her natural context, such as home or workplace, is one of the best ways to understand the customer’s experience.  They reported that attitudinal and psychographic segments can transcend geographic boundaries, and vouched for the value of low-cost, iterative prototyping—putting a product into the market for people to react to—to learn the maximum amount, with the minimum cost. 

    Round Table Discussion on “Leading Global Development Teams

    Panelist insights covered questions ranging from how to find overseas development partners to how to keep them focused once you’ve found them. Attendees learned that China, Taiwan, and India are becoming more sophisticated manufacturing centers rather than the sources of “toys and t-shirts” they once were. Getting to “yes” means knowing the culture. For example, in Japan it’s common to “share three meals” before serious business conversation begins. And saying, “no,” is to be avoided. Instead, practice saying, “yes, if. . .”

    Karen Smith, Global Brand Design Director, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

    Karen shared the story of how Kimberly-Clark developed a global visual identity for Kotex feminine care products.  The company traveled to five or more markets around the world to observe girls in their rooms, with their families, at the mall, and with friends. It sought to understand how each girl shopped, how she made decisions, even how she imagined who she’s going to be.

    The company saw that worldwide, girls want to be strong and independent.  Based on this research, Kimberly-Clark developed a bold, unique look for the Kotex product line, and enjoyed substantial sales growth, strong profits, and market share gain as a result.

    Dan Peters, Director, Innovation Effectiveness, The Coca-Cola Company

    Dan shared how Coke asks three questions when evaluating the innovation portfolio. First, is the portfolio aligned with the business unit, brand and category strategies?  Second, is the portfolio balanced in terms of risk, and time to market? Third, is the portfolio sufficient to meet company growth goals?

    The “Freestyle” fountain drink dispenser, for example, meets these criteria well, offering a distinctive consumer experience to grow sales, while gathering valuable real-time data about what people are drinking, and when.

    Marcelo Marer, Chief Creative Director, Intel Media

    Marcelo told a vivid story of how Intel seeks to be a “life platform” for seamless, connected living. The technology will “evolve with me” and make me happy.

    He painted a picture of how Intel will enable data—really useful, non-intrusive data—to flow to me exactly when and where I need it, without me having to think about it. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? This vision is one that Intel is sharing with its value chain, as well as internally. 

    Matt Rushing, Director, Product Management, Global Electronics and Global Engines, AGCO

    Matt’s teams traveled to Brazil, Russia, China, Africa and other locales to explore what technologies would be most useful to farmers. They spent three weeks farmers in each country, watching how he did his work, what he had trouble with, and what was important to him.  

    The teams innovated ways for the farmer to use his smart phone, to make agricultural production more fuel efficient, higher yield, and safer. For example, telematics will show enable remote servicing of equipment, and will tell the farmer where his equipment is, how much fuel it’s using, and whether the operator is working safely.


    The PDMA Summit was a highlight of my September. I met creative, interesting and diverse people, was inspired by the speakers, case studies and exhibitors, and had lots of fun!

    Amanda Setili, Setili & Associates, LLC,;


    Speaker Biographies | Speaker Presentations | Event Photos





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