The call for volunteers for the 2015 PDMA Committees is currently closed. Check back in late 2015 for information in regards to volunteers for the 2016 PDMA Committees. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact PDMA Headquarters at or 800.232.5241. 

    2015 PDMA Committees

    Annual Conference
    The Annual Conference Committee develops content strategy for PDMA conferences that ensures PDMA recognizes hot topics, retires or repurposes old topics, and develops strategy and tactics for PDMA conference events to serve global membership.

    The PDMA Certification Committee is responsible for the procedures and administration of the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certification testing, composition of the exam, requirements for NPDP certification, continuing re-certification and Professional Development Hours (PDH), and recommending policy changes relating to NDPD certification.

    Corporate Education 
    The Corporate Education Committee is responsible for developing an education curriculum for corporate professional. 

    The PDMA Marketing Committee assists the VP Marketing to set strategy and explore new ways to market PDMA on a local, national, and global level.

    The Membership Committee conducts membership assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses, works to create membership benefits that deliver tangible value to members, develops programs to recruit, train, and retain new members.

    The Standards Committee communicates the interplay among those responsible for the BoK, Certification, CPAS, OCI, and publications, coordinates incoming information requests/change requests, represents PDMA on the Standards Advisory Board, coordinates with PDMA Headquarters staff regarding any external communications (e.g. press), organizes a network of co-authorship on additional documentation when required and manages standards document transactions with members (depending on the setup of arrangements).

    The Webcasts Committee plans the schedule for the 2015 Webcasts, recruits presenters, and reviews content for the educational Webcasts. Committee members also moderate and actively participate on live Webcasts.

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