The NPDP Certification Preparation Review Path

    This path is generally attractive to those with less than 5 years experience in new product development. PDMA has developed an educational program in a one-day workshop format that is available to anyone who believes they need additional learning opportunities. The material in this workshop has been developed by the PDMA certification committee, leading NPD scholars and practitioners and reviewed by NPDP exam writers of what is considered to be core NPD knowledge. The workshop is structured to cover the same six key areas of product development that are tested on in the exam. The workshop especially focuses the participant's attention on the key knowledge of each section.

    By taking this PDMA-approved review, you will be able to quickly assess your NPD knowledge strengths and weaknesses based on the latest NPD principles and best practices. By taking the review 30-90 days before taking the exam, you will then be able to shore up knowledge gaps through focused self-study before taking the exam. Each participant also receives a 250+ page, quality bound, color workbook which is a valuable study guide for final preparation for the exam. This unique workbook is only available through this PDMA-approved review session.

    Quality of workshop instruction is maintained by requiring that all PDMA-approved programs are taught by a NPDP certified instructor who has also successful completed the PDMA instructor training program. This PDMA-approved program is delivered through a variety of training channels, including through local PDMA chapters, at the PDMA International Conference, Trainers, and Registered Education Providers (REP) and Academic Education Providers (AEP).

    To see a list of Trainers and REPs/AEPs who are qualified to teach these certification preparation reviews, click here.

    To see a list of scheduled upcoming certification preparation reviews, click here.

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