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    PDMA PIM Registration 2012

    Discovery Labs
    Monday, October 22, 9:00am - 4:30pm

    An exciting day awaits you in deep dive discovery labs involving hands-on exercises and abundant interactive learning opportunities. For those wanting to add new skills and techniques that can be implemented when they return to the office: choose from deep-dive labs in Co-Creation, Business Model Innovation, Voice of the Customer, Portfolio Management, and Sustainability. For those practitioners new to the field, there is PDMA’s Innovation Processes and Techniques Lab. Or, for those who want to advance further in their careers as new product developers, there is the in-depth NPDP Certification Prep Seminar.

    Mark Deck

    Capturing the Value of Co-Creation

    Lab Chair: Mark Deck
    Speakers:  Gaurav Bhalla, Knowledge Kinetics; Doug Billings, PwC; Jenny Danzi, PepsiCo; Mike Ferrara, Becton Dickinson; Francis Gouillart, Experience Co-Creation Partnership;  Aric Rindfleisch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
    Successful innovation is about finding ways to bring new value to stakeholders. Co-creation is about innovating with stakeholders instead of for stakeholders. It involves engaging stakeholder communities in the joint discovery and collaborative creation of valuable experiences and outcomes. Using this approach, large and small companies are realizing breakthrough innovation where they had thought none possible. This Discovery Lab is geared toward managers and practitioners of product development and innovation, and especially for those who are trying to find out more about how co-creation can improve the capacity of their organization to innovate. Participants will learn from expert faculty, case presenters and each other about what co-creation is and what it can do for their companies. Read More.

    Lee Goldring

    Robin Karol

    Innovation Process and Techniques: From Start to Finish

    Lab Chairs: Robin Karol, NPDP, PhD., CEO, Innovation Guides, and Lee Goldring, Senior Manager, New Product Development, Jarden Consumer Solutions’ Global Appliances Group
    Excellence in new product and service development enables world class companies to create new offerings that excite the customer and beat the competition. This lab will foster a dynamic discussion of how to implement and maintain a robust innovation process that enables new product and/or service development. Designed for those who are starting out in new product/service development and management, attendees will gain an understanding of the innovation process, learn how to stimulate creativity and break down barriers to innovation and identify where there may be barriers in the process. Read more.

    Gerry Katz

    Voice of the Customer: Stretching the Boundaries

    Lab Chair: Gerry Katz, NPDP, Executive Vice President, Applied Marketing Science, Inc.
    For some time now, the definition of Voice of the Customer has been stretched, diluted and even hijacked. This two-part Discovery Lab will explore both traditional and new-wave VOC to help clarify its definition and share applications for its use. We’ll cover the basics of VOC and its critical role in NPD and then transition to newer applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This lab is targeted to both those new to the fields of NPD and VOC, as well as veterans looking to get up to speed on the latest developments and trends. Read More.

    David Mattheson

    Portfolio Management: Driving Innovation in Your Portfolio

    Lab Chair: David Matheson, PhD, Co-founder, President and CEO, SmartOrg, Lecturer at Stanford University
    Everyone wants new growth from their portfolio, yet many struggle to obtain it. Overcoming natural forces for mediocre incremental innovation is difficult. Great innovative ideas challenge the status quo. In this interactive lab, you will learn from thought leaders and your peers about what it takes to drive innovation in your portfolio. What works? What doesn’t? Learn what it takes to meet your business growth goals. Read More.

    Sue Burek

    Paul Alvarez

    Sustainability: Emerging Best Practices for Innovators and Corporations

    Lab Chairs: Paul Alvarez, NPDP, Principal, MetaVu, Inc., and
    Sue Burek, NPDP, Manager, Research and Partnerships, Ingersoll Rand

    Product and process innovators clearly have the opportunity to help corporations profitably improve the environmental and social impacts of product and service portfolios through the advancement of sustainable innovation principals and best practices. This day-long Discovery Lab will explore what leading innovators and corporations are contributing to the growing body of knowledge around sustainable innovation, including:

    • Selling and marketing sustainable products and services;
    • Sustainable packaging;
    • Sustainable materials and supply chain sources;
    • Innovators as champions of corporate sustainability.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to obtain practical information designed specifically to help you drive your corporation’s economic success through environmental and social success! Read More.

    Rob Huber

    Matt Benson

    Business Model Innovation: Supercharging New Product Innovation

    Lab Chair: Matt Benson, NPDP, Advanced Innovation Manager, Faurencia, and Robert Huber, VP Innovation, Faurecia
    The Business Model Innovation Discovery Lab was offered for the first time last year. In this second installment, we dive deeper into the various tools and techniques that can be used for higher-level innovation. Explore actionable approaches to generating exciting new opportunities by going beyond a “product-only” view of innovation management.

    Innovation is not limited to new products or services. Business model innovation can refer to revolutionizing or reinventing any aspect of a business from changing the supply chain or distribution system to building a new ecosystem for your product platforms. This Discovery Lab will address organizations’ need for processes that provide the creativity and discipline to innovate in areas beyond products and services and what the “how” of business model innovation looks like. Read More.

    David Newman

    NPDP Certification Preparation Seminar

    Facilitators: Ken Westray, NPDP, President, NP Learning LLC; David Newman, NPDP, Director – Software and Electronics, Equipment Engineering, The Coca-Cola Company
    New Product Development Professional (NPDP) Certification is a statement of your professionalism, knowledge, ethics and skills. This day long session will help those interested in NPDP Certification prepare for the required examination. Experts with decades of hands-on experiencein new product development will guide you through terminology, strategy, tools, best practices and the Body of Knowledge that you need to know to be successful. The NPDP Certification exam is based on PDMA’s peer reviewed and vetted Body of Knowledge for New Product Development that includes nine best practice knowledge topics. Session participants will receive the full Body of Knowledge work book. If your goal is to be recognized by peers and companies alike for your new product development expertise, then NPDP Certification and this preparation seminar is right for you.

    NP Learning, a PDMA licensed and certified training company, will provide each person who registers and attends the NPDP Certification Preparation Seminar its proprietary study tools. They will be provided, free of charge, access to NP Learning's 300+ online question database. This is a $400 value to the individual. The 300+ questions cover each of the 6 key topics that are tested on PDMA’s NPDP exam. Studies have shown that an individual’s score on the question database correlates to ones score on PDMA’s NPDP Exam. This is a fabulous tool for people interested in becoming NPDP certified.

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