Outstanding Corporate Innovator

    The Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award is the only innovation award which recognizes sustained (5 or more years) quantifiable business results from new products and services.

    For over twenty-five years, The Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award selection process has provided an excellent mechanism for identifying companies that create and capture value through product & service Innovation. Past OCI Award winners have proven themselves exceptionally capable of integrating strategy, people, process, and technology to consistently transfer their creative ideas into successful new products.

    The award was developed with two objectives. First, to identify and publicly recognize the excellence of companies that have been the most successful in continuously developing a stream of value-creating new products and services. The second, equally important, rationale for the award is to provide a learning vehicle for the sharing of the winning firm's individual best practices with PDMA's general membership.

    The Process:
    The nominees which pass the initial screen are asked to complete a questionnaire detailing their new product/service development practices and innovation successes.  On site examinations are held with the companies which reach finalist status. The winner(s) are recognized and are required to share their best practices at the 38th International Conference in Denver, Colorado in October, 2014.

    Click here to learn more about the 2014 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Committee.

    Novozymes, Starbucks Named 2014 Oustanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Winners

    PDMA is celebrating it's twenty-seventh year of recognizing and rewarding organizations which have achieved sustained and quantifiable business results from new products and services. At the International Conference in Denver the 2014 OCI Winners, Novozymes and Starbucks, will share with attendees the practices which have contributed to their ability to consistently create and capture value through innovation. Read the full press release, by clicking here.

    The OCI Committee process includes identifying candidates that demonstrate the use of disciplined practices to continuously develop and launch a stream of value creating new products and services. The specific criteria are—

    • Sustained success in launching new products over a five-year time frame.

    This measure confirms the winner's approach to innovation and new product development goes beyond a single major product success. The winner's new product track record over an extended period provides adequate time to establish its ability to perform at an exceptional level in new product development.

    • Significant company growth from new products.                                           

    This standard insures that new products that simply upgrade and replace previous company products are not considered the sole basis of outstanding performance.

    • Well defined new product development practices and processes that can be described to others.                                                                                           

    Since the OCI Award is seen as a learning tool for other practitioners, it is essential that the winner have new product development practices and processes that can be described adequately to the membership.

    • Distinctive innovative characteristics and intangibles.                                 

    This standard recognizes unique and innovative characteristics of the organization's approach to the new product development process that make it particularly suitable for the organization. It also provides for the recognition of noteworthy intangibles including the organization’s culture.

    Past Recipients

    Since its inception the following companies have been recipients of the OCI Award and have participated in our annual conference, providing valuable insights for the organization and its members. Presentations are available for non-member purchase or as a free download for PDMA members.

    2014 Novozymes
    2013 Baker Hughes
    Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores Group
    2012 Clorox
    Skyline Exhibits
    2011 Illuminia, Inc.
    UnitedHealth Group
    2010 Kennametal, Inc
    2009 Royal DSM NV
    PGi - Premiere Global Services
    2008 Corning Incorporated
    2007 FedEx Corporation
    Mine Safety Appliance (MSA)
    2006 Xerox Corporation
    Bank of America Global Consumer & Small Business Bank
    2005 djOrthopedics
    2004 Affymetrix
    Air Force Research Laboratory
    2003 Dow Polyolefins
    Harley Davidson
    2002 BMW Group AG
    2001 Window Fashions Divisions-Hunter Douglas
    2000 EXFO Electro-Optical
    1999 Maytag
    1998 Cinncinnati Machine Tool
    1997 Herman Miller
    1996 Eastman Kodak
    1995 Fluke Corporation
    Pepsi-Cola Company
    Senco Products, Inc.
    1994 Bausch & Lomb, Eyewear Division
    Chysler Coporation
    Welch Allyn
    1993 Apple Computer
    Nabisco Buscuit Company
    Nordic Track
    1992 Keithley Corporation
    Marriott Lodging Group
    1991 Safety Kleen Corporation
    1990 Advanced Cardiovascular Sys., Inc.
    Harris Corporation, Broadcast Division
    New Pig Corporation
    1989 Hewlett Packard
    1988 Merck & Company

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