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    Welcome to the West Michigan Chapter of PDMA

    We are the face of PDMA in the greater West Michigan region.

    With a wide array of leading Fortune 500 companies, this region is a leading international hub for Product Design, Product Development, Product Management, and Product Innovation.  Michigan consistently leads the nation in the quality and quantity of industrial design, engineering, and marketing work taking place around world-class products.



    Please register for our next event --a social meetup on Tuesday, June 21, 6:00-8:30 to be held on the terrace, second floor at Harmony Hall.


    Event details and registration:



    The West Michigan Chapter Mission

    The mission of the West Michigan Chapter of PDMA is two-fold. 

    1. To foster an informed and vibrant community of product-focused professionals – practitioners, managers, academics, and industry partners – who openly share their knowledge and experiences around the principles and practices of product development, product management, and product innovation.
    2. To bring international awareness to the West Michigan region as a world-class innovation hub, given its concentration of leading Fortune 500 product organizations, and in so doing to continue driving the profitable growth of this region.

    The West Michigan Chapter is committed to the open sharing of knowledge and leading practice so that our members can continuously build their skills and knowledge.  We accomplish this though educational and social events focusing on:

    • Networking, for the purpose of developing professional relationships.
    • Education, for the purpose of professional and career development.
    • Sharing of educational resources (print media / digital media / etc.).
    • Peer-to-peer sharing of information and experiences.
    • Highlighting notable accomplishments from those within our community.
    • Providing a forum for the exploration and debate of emerging thought leadership in product and business innovation, and a place to give voice to new ideas from within our community and beyond.
    • The fostering of business opportunities.
    • The fostering of employment opportunities.
    • The development and commercialization of better products and services – those reflecting greater innovation, profitability, and market share command.
    • Cross-industry collaboration for the economic benefit of many enterprises.


    Chapter Contacts

    Shawn Crowley

    Carla Kuesten

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