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    Hunting for New Hunting Grounds

    Time Tested Methodology for Discovering the Richest Markets for Your Next New Product Developments

    Monday, September 15, 2014, noon - 1:15 pm cdt


    “The buffalo are diminishing fast. The antelope that were plenty a few years ago, they are now thin. When they shall die we shall be hungry; we shall want something to eat…”   -Tonkahaska (Tall Bull), Chief of the Sioux, 1880

    Christopher W. Miller, Ph.D., NPDP,  – Innovation Consultant, Innovation Focus

    Chris' presentation will draw inspiration from the wisdom of ancient nomadic tribes who sought new lands before resources in their existing hunting grounds were depleted. The program will allow you to move your organization beyond today’s core business and hunt for new grounds for growth and explore new areas for business. Align and engage your organization around a charter to discover a set of business opportunities. Chris's presentation is filled with numerous examples of how companies have successfully built viable paths to new opportunities.  Learn how to build that strategic framework around specific well developed ideas that can drive: 

    • New product opportunities
    • New branding opportunities
    • Strategic alliances
    • Joint ventures

    Identify, prioritize and mobilize around breakthrough new business opportunities that create significant “waves of competitively sustainable growth.” and strengthen your ability to continually spawn new, non-incremental high growth businesses.

    Target audience: 

    The presentation is ideally suited for organizations struggling in maturing markets and desire to breakout into new markets or create new platforms of value that can serve multiple markets.  

    Key Takeaways: 

    • Use of a innovation matrix to determine risk and risk tolerance
    • Understand current industry-wide product launch success rates from multiple studies and perspectives
    • Learn a step by step process for securing commitment from senior management and engaging the entire organization into a discovery process
    • Understand the key tools for discovering and documenting rich hunting grounds and the process for consolidating similar needs under overarching solution themes
    • Create a backwards plan/path to lead the organization from its current state/markets to the future "ideal" state.  


    Chris Miller is the founder of Innovation Focus and a high energy facilitator and speaker inspiring deep understanding and meaningful innovation.  He has over 20 years of experience in facilitating, consulting and exciting interdisciplinary high performance teams on product development, customer interaction and rapid project completion. He has held positions in information systems and market research with two Fortune 500 companies.

    Chris developed a Focused Innovation Technique based on the highly successful problem-solving styles of technical professionals.  He has been credited with helping to bring to life a diverse set of products, services and business solutions for clients such as WD-40, WaterPik, Leap Frog, Lipton, Hershey Foods, Veterans Life Insurance; Health Care Resources Conservation Coalition; High Concrete Structures and Kodak.

    Chris is a regular guest lecturer at universities and conferences for a variety of organizations. He is also a prolific writer and published author. He has been recognized for his series of Growth Forum articles for the PDMA publication Visions. He has written Chapters for all of the PDMA Tool Books including topics such as Hunting for Hunting Grounds, Creating the Customer Connection, Slingshot Groups and Ideation. He prides himself as being a bridge between the academic and the practitioner community.

    Chris is a Past President of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) and has been an active volunteer for over 20 years, holding numerous local and international positions including Chairing the International PDMA Conference, the Voice of the Customer Conference and the Front End of Innovation Conference. 

    His pro-bono work has earned him the Ruth Waxman Award from the Volunteers for Medical Engineering for the conversion of military technology for medical purposes. He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Case Western Reserve University. His doctoral research targeted the life-long career development of engineers.


    12:00 to 12:10 pm  Chapter announcements and speaker introduction

    12:10 to 12:50 pm Presentation 

    12:50 to 1:15 pm Q&A, comments, etc., and closing remarks.



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