PIM 2014 Speakers: The Brain Trust

    Roger Jellicoe, Vice President, Mobile and Communications Group General Manager, Devices Research and Development, Intel

    Leadership for Innovation

    Roger will speak to the methodology of innovation and challenge your current thinking about how to invent in your own organization. Attendees will learn how and why big company performance management and rewards are often counter productive and the way in which innovation requires a series of inventions. He will also discuss why innovative companies are structured more like communities than hierarchies.

    Learn more about Roger and his session at PIM 2014.

    Gerard Tellis, Professor of Marketing and Management, Neely Chair of American Enterprise, and Director of the Center for Global Innovation, USC Marshall School of Business
    Creating a Culture for Unrelenting Innovation

    Successful innovation leads to enormous profits but sows the seeds of subsequent failure. Firms often fail as the peak of their success. Gerard calls this the “incumbent’s curse.” In this presentation, he will articulate on the causes of this phenomenon. To stay relentlessly innovative, firms need to develop an entrepreneurial culture, consisting of three organizations traits and three organizational practices. While traits are difficult to change, practices can be changed more easily and help to foster the traits. Gerard will elaborate on these factors with recent examples of winners and losers.

    Henry Givray, President and CEO, SmithBucklin Corporation

    Leadership's Calling™

    According to Henry Givray, leadership is the uniquely consistent and defining force behind great, enduring organizations. But what is leadership? We know when we see it. We can measure its impact. And we can feel how it inspires us. But the concept of leadership is elusive. Moreover, no playbooks, simple formulas or prescriptions exist on how to become a true leader. However, there are principles and guidelines that can be learned and applied only through a process of personal, active engagement and self-discovery. Henry’s presentation is designed to help others identify opportunities to grow as leaders, while also building their commitment to continuous learning in this area. During the session, he will share essential foundational principles and concepts around leadership, introduce a working framework to help attendees better understand and ultimately measure leadership capacity and performance, and offer practical ideas and tools for everyday use.

    Udaiyan Jatar (UJ), CEO of the Blue Earth Network, and Co-leader for the Certified Professional Innovator Program, Georgia State university, Robinson College of Business

    David vs. Goliath: How you can take on Gigantic Challenges and create Sustainable Change

    How is that people with no money or sector expertise are able to create the world’s greatest transformations? Counter-intuitive science and tools can be used to create game-changing impact in your business, non-profit and society.  UJ will lead an interactive discussion using neurological and organizational research. Learn how to transform the behavior of your organization, your people and your consumers by altering how you perceive human need and approach the creation, delivery and communication of authentic value. UJ will also help you to discover a different method to drive consumer adoption, the underpinnings of transformational movements and how to broaden your innovation horizon while narrowing your focus on authentic value.

    Learn more about UJ and his session at PIM 2014. 
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    Dr. Michael Menke, President of Value Creation Associates

    Using PPM Best Practices Benchmarking to Improve Portfolio Management Effectiveness and Performance

    There is more to excellent portfolio management than big data and powerful analytics.  The people, processes, practices and behaviors also need to be optimized to achieve superior portfolio performance.  This session presents a proven set of 50 best practices and provides some metrics on their importance and utilization from studying over 100 companies.  The results indicate some general areas needing improvement, but the most powerful application is to provide a custom data-driven diagnosis of how you can improve your PPM process.  The session will include an exercise to allow participants to engage with the best practices and benchmarking data.

    Learn more about Dr. Menke and his session at PIM 2014.



    Robert Hale, President and CEO of Robert Hale and Associates

    New Product Commercialization Strategies – Application and Use 

    Learn the latest tools and techniques that drive new product commercialization strategies for companies, such as Google, HIP, Motorola and other technology and software related products. The latest strategies include developing market size and growth models, determining key use cases, understanding key pain points by decision-maker, identifying key partners and other key tools to successfully market new technology. Robert Hale will provide a framework for these tools and how to best apply to your organization to gain immediate improvement in new product market penetration. Specific examples and templates will be provided. This session is geared to senior level manages, directors and VPs of R&D, product development and/or marketing.

    Lean more about Robert and his session at PIM 2014.


    Starbucks and Novozymes: The Winners of the Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award

    The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) will present the 2014 Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award to Seattle-based Starbucks and the Danish bioinnovation firm Novozymes at a special session at PIM 2014.The OCI Award Presentation will provide a rare peek under the hood of the winning companies’ processes and culture, while demonstrating how they have driven sustained, quantifiable business results through innovation. 

    Starbucks is known for its innovation across the entire consumer experience and its strong emphasis on long-term platforms to create a multi-year pipeline.

    Novozymes is a global leader in bioinnovation with a consistent record of developing and launching breakthrough biosolutions across industries. 

    In addition to the OCI Winner presentation during the PIM General Session, Starbucks and Novozymes will be honored at the OCI Award Dinner on Tuesday evening. This intimate event provides executive-level access and insights from the 2014 winners and allows attendees the opportunity for increased one-on-one networking and further access to these innovation leaders. 

    To celebrate the announcement of the 2014 OCI Awards, PDMA is including a complimentary ticket (a $75 value) to this special professional networking event with every PIM registrationThis offer expires August 15th, so don't miss your chance to add this incredible value: register today!



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    Rob Mann, Management Consultant - McKinsey & Company, Director of Consulting and Strategy, The Wharton School's GCP

    The Future of Design to Value

    Inspired by the likes of Disney, Apple, IDEO and other design leaders, Design-to-Value (DTV) is changing the way companies innovate and develop products (new and existing goods).  Designed for both novice and experienced professionals, the session will explore different forms of DTV enabling participants to understand how DTV can be introduced, or taken to the next level, in their organizations.   We will explore McKinsey's perspectives/cases on DTV and  its future as consumer and industrial firms implement DTV   Using approaches employed by McKinsey and the Wharton School's GCP (for Executive Education), we will immerse ourselves in an enjoyable and memorable case applying DTV to alcohol products (yes, tastings are included!). Personalizing the DTV experience for each participant, they can set an actionable agenda to enhance product development and innovation in their own companies using what they've learned in the session

    Learn more about Rob and his session at PIM 2014.




    Tim Goodall, Global Software Business Development and Partnership Lead, Motorola, a Google Company

    Driving Innovation Research Through User Experience

    In this session geared towards practitioners, discover how launching and sustaining capabilities that deliver value back to the user can lead to valuable innovation research insights. Goodall will showcase how Motorola has leveraged this approach to user experience to contribute to its current product portfolio and other key successes.

    Learn more about Tim and his session at PIM 2014.

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    Thomas Troch, Senior Research Innovation Manager, InSites Consulting

    Impact Through User Collaboration

    Involving (potential) users in the development of goods and services results in propositions that better fit the needs of users and have a higher chance of success when they hit the market. To anticipate the changing needs and expectations of users, it’s not enough to do this at one moment in time. This requires a radical shift from user research to user-collaboration. But how to bring such a collaboration to a success?

    In an engaging and interactive workshop session Thomas Troch will share his learnings from setting up open innovation programs at global brands like Heineken, Vodafone and KLM. How are they engaging with their customers and leveraging this collaboration? The framework presented – as featured in ‘Open Innovation: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA’ – will provide guidance on how users can contribute to your innovation challenge.

    Learn more about Thomas and his session at PIM 2014. 

    Aaron Eden, Principal Innovation Catalyst at Moves the Needle

    Turbo-Charging your Product Development with Lean Startup

    Aaron is a lifelong entrepreneur, teacher and design thinker. He is a prolific force in the Tucson startup community, leader at CoLab Tucson, and Lean Launchpad adjunct professor at the University of Arizona. As an Innovation Catalyst at Intuit Inc., his lean startup workshop series and mentoring transformed thousands of aspiring internal entrepreneurs & leaders into Lean Startup practitioners.


    Learn more about Aaron and his session at PIM 2014.

    Phil Metz, Co-founder and Top Dog at Singing Dog

    Turbo-Charging your Product Development with Lean Startup

    As Co-founder and Top Dog at SingingDog, Phil Metz works with business enterprises and other organizations struggling to deliver breakthrough innovation results – new products, services and new businesses.  SingingDog helps them develop the innovation strategy and practices they need to get things on track, deliver value to customers, and grow their businesses. 

    Recently, working with Brant Cooper, Co-founder at Moves the Needle, Phil has published a popular whitepaper, Lean Startup Innovation for Large Enterprises – What You Need to Know.  This whitepaper addresses why breakthrough innovation is increasingly critical for large enterprises, how Lean Startup Innovation can help, and what it takes to implement in a large company. 

    With over 24 years of executive-level experience, Phil also has an MBA in General Management and a PhD in physics. 

    Learn more about Phil and his session at PIM 2014.

    Suzanne Thompson, Vice President R&D Growth Labs (Clorox)

    In this session, we will discuss how Clorox’s open innovation process evolved.  It started as technology brokerage then moved to a focus on networking and partnering.  Today  open innovation is used across all parts of the innovation process.  This enables innovation beyond just product. There will be a discussion of learnings along the journey as well as a case study to bring the practices to life.

    Learn more about Suzanne and her session at PIM 2014.




    David Dabscheck, CEO & Founder, HMW Innovate, Visition Scholar, Columbia Business School

    Giant Innovation Lab

    This high intensity, hands-on workshop combines the latest academic research with field tested methods to provide attendees a series of innovation practices. From problem finding and idea generation, to prototyping, testing and evaluation, participants will learn innovation approaches and creativity skills by applying them to relevant business, organizational or social challenges. By the end of these workshop attendees will have actionable solutions they can start implementing immediately, as well as new creativity and innovation skills to bring back to their organization.  

    Learn more about David and his session at PIM 2014.



    David Mucha, Vice President, Market Research and Strategic Insights, UnitedHealthcare

    Human Centered Design Thinking: Tools You can Use Back at the Office

    This workshop will explore the concepts of human-centered design. Human-centered design thinking can help product developers, innovators, marketers, experience designers, and customer service leaders to view your products and services through the lens of your customers. We’ll explore what your customers are really trying to achieve by using your company’s products and services.

    The participants in the workshop will have hands-on exercises to learn and apply the concepts of human-centered design. The goal of this session is for each attendee to leave with new perspectives about their customers and to have practical tools they can use to help them meet their customers’ needs.

    Learn more about David and his session at PIM2014.

    Shawn Dickerson, GTM Director, AtTask Inc.

    Shawn has over 15 years of experience in managing projects for Fortune 1000 companies, venture-backed firms and small startups. In his current role, he oversees the go-to-market strategy for the IT/PMO business at AtTask. Prior to AtTask, Shawn led market research and project teams at Domo, Novell and other tech companies.












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