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    By: Allison LeMay on Sep 13, 2012

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 31, 2012

    CLOROX, FAURECIA & SKYLINE EXHIBITS to share innovative practices and receive prestigious innovation award on October 23, 2012, during 36th Product Innovation Management Annual Global Conference

    CHICAGO, IL.— 2012 marks the 25th Anniversary for The Product Development & Management Association’s (PDMA) Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award (OCI). OCI is the only global innovation award which recognizes companies which have demonstrated sustained and quantifiable success in developing and launching new products and services. Recently announced as the 2012 OCI Winners were Clorox, Faurecia and Skyline Exhibits. The Winners will receive their awards on October 23, 2012 during the annual Product Innovation Management (PIM2012) Global Conference in Orlando, Florida. At the conference the Winners will share the best practices and next practices which have contributed to their success, providing a significant learning opportunity for attendees.

    The 2012 Winners were selected after a rigorous nine month process. “These companies represent diverse industries, but all are leaders in innovation in their respective industries” said Sally Evans Kay, Chair of PDMA’s OCI Selection Committee. All three have made an impressive commitment to innovation and each has unique practices which have contributed to its success from which other companies can learn.

    Clorox, a leader in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry headquartered in Oakland, California, has achieved significant incremental growth from innovation through a focus on breakthrough projects, superior products and a culture of agility, inclusion and delegation. Since being an OCI Finalist in 2006, Clorox has restructured its innovation groups and redesigned its development process to accelerate innovation. Clorox’s innovation process is focused on identifying the problem to be solved, gaining deep consumer insights, and using advanced technology to create superior solutions. Clorox has a well-defined innovation strategy which clearly defines where it will play and how it will win.  During the recent economic downturn the company has used innovation to gain market share in current categories and to create new growth platforms.  In the Clorox presentation, Chief Innovation Officer Wayne Delker will share how the company uses practices such as global megatrend analysis, deep consumer/customer insights, and ‘internal crowdsourcing with a plus’ to consistently identify new opportunities.

    Faurecia, headquartered in Nanterre, France is the world’s sixth largest automotive supplier and specializes in automotive seating, emissions controls technology, interior systems and automotive exteriors. Committed to helping automakers improve the consumer experience, Faurecia’s strategy is to create value and change industry dynamics through innovation. Long recognized in the industry as a leading technology innovator, Faurecia has implemented an innovation strategy to move from being a ‘component’ supplier to a ‘systems’ supplier and design partner. A key element of the new strategy, which will be presented by Rob Huber, Vice President of Innovation, was the establishment of a function charged with increasing the innovative content of Faurecia’s new automotive seating products.  This innovation group has established a novel and proven process which integrates trend identification and analysis, opportunity space exploration, robust open innovation networks, and rapid prototyping. “Faurecia’s multi-faceted approach to innovation was piloted in North America and we have now successfully introduced it in Europe and Asia, setting up regional teams that work together to enhance the overall innovation portfolio for our global customers” said Huber. Faurecia’s management support of innovation is clearly evident in its frequent participation in innovation and strategy workshops, and in its decision to invest in innovation during the economic downturn, which contributes to Faurecia’s growth outpacing the market.

    Skyline Exhibits, headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is the leading innovator in the worldwide Custom Modular segment of the tradeshow exhibit and display market, and was an OCI Finalist in 2010. Skyline has over 130 design centers in 30 countries around the world and within the past 5 years new products have grown from 12% to 24% of total sales. Skyline has used innovation to disrupt a market which has traditionally been challenged by commoditization and an influx of cheaper overseas competitors. Using a disciplined innovation process the company has moved from a pipeline reliant on incremental innovation, to a focus on big-bet projects – in their own words, “we have gone from an emphasis on ‘improve and evolve’ to ‘invent & transform.’”  Key to the effective utilization of the process is a focus on the front end, which utilizes diverse tools and techniques to identify significant market trends and unmet customer needs and pain points. You will hear in their presentation how innovation for Skyline goes beyond just new products and services to include key competitive strategies, such as creating barriers to entry in key markets, and developing a separate brand to compete in the low-cost segment of the industry. Skyline’s commitment to maintaining its innovation leadership position in the future is evident in its recent decision to redefine their business purpose as ‘Helping the World Trade™’ in recognition of major market changes and the new opportunities beyond exhibits and displays created by those changes.

    Also, being recognized at the conference are three 2012 OCI Finalists: Air Products, a market leader in merchant gases, tonnage gases, electronics and performance materials; Ashok Leyland, a leading vehicle manufacturer in India; and General Mills, one of the world’s leading food companies. All of these companies will receive Finalist Awards to recognize their significant innovation accomplishments.

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