Webcast: Building Insanely Great Products

    By: Mark A Hart, NPDP on Mar 14, 2017

    During this webcast, David Fradin will explore six keys to product success including a modern product lifecycle framework, how to do market research that works including understanding what your customers "do" to develop successful products, decision making, the importance of values and vision, and having a product market strategy before product development begins.

    What You Will Learn

    The objectives for this webcast include:

    • Understand the six keys to product success
    • Learn about a new product management lifecycle framework
    • Discover the components of a successful product market strategy

    Who Should Attend

    This webcast is for those that need to check their current work against the framework, values and vision to identify gaps and make improvements to improve their market research.


    David FradinDavid Fradin has trained hundreds of managers throughout the world. He infuses his workshops with insights and experiences gained as a product leader at companies like Apple and HP. He was classically trained as an HP Product Manager and was then recruited by Apple to bring the first hard disk drive on a PC to market.

    As a result of his leadership and management skills, Apple promoted him first to Apple Group Product Manager and later Business Unit Manager at the same organizational level at that time as Steve Jobs. His book “Building Insanely Great Products”, on-line training and workshops cover the founding values, vision, product lifecycle and management employed by Apple at its founding and which it returned to in 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to Apple. What students will learn from Mr. Fradin is what has made Apple the most valuable company in the world.

    What students will learn from Mr. Fradin is what has made Apple the most valuable company in the world.



    The live webcast was Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 2:00 p.m. EDT. A recording of the presentation is available in the PDMA Store.

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