Corporates and Startups Co-Creating the Future

    By: Elizabeth Conner on Sep 13, 2016

    The old definition of innovation is dead. Now it’s, how to “stay in the game.” Established companies searching for new sources of growth need to learn how to pursue higher risk, transformative innovation beyond today’s core business. But how can they do this within organizations that are focused on sustaining today’s business?

    As a PDMA keynote speaker, Michael E. Docherty, Chief Executive Officer at Venture2, Inc. will discuss how corporate organizations and startups need each other today more than ever at the 2016 PDMA Annual Conference, October 16-19 in Atlanta, GA. 

    In his keynote presentation, Michael will highlight real-world case studies of how companies are launching transformative new business ideas and embracing disruption through collaboration.

    Piqued your interest? Click here to download Michael’s 2015 article from PDMA’s Visions Magazine about Collective Disruption or hear it straight from the source!

    Watch Michael’s message to you below.

    michael d.png

    Don’t miss PDMA’s impressive speaker line-up at the 2016 Annual Conference, October 16-19 in Atlanta, Georgia. Register today!

    Michael Docherty is a keynote presenter at the 2016 PDMA Annual Conference. As CEO of Venture2 Inc., Docherty and his organization work with leading companies to transform their innovation capabilities, build innovation ecosystems and accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough new products, services and business models. His clients include Cisco, Unilever, Pfizer, Legrand and other leading companies globally.

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