PDMA Pittsburgh Chapter Explores the Internet of Things (IoT)

    By: Elizabeth Conner on May 19, 2016
    The PDMA Pittsburgh Chapter invited C.J. Handron, Co-Founder and CEO of Diamond Kinetics, to speak during the May Innovation Forum.  More than 40 product development professionals gathered in downtown Pittsburgh to learn how Diamond Kinetics is helping to transform the baseball industry through the use of data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Diamond Kinetics embeds sensors inside baseball bats to provide 3D modeling and analysis of a player's swing. Batters at the pro, college, and high school levels can compare their performance to a database of other athletes.
    Diamond Kinetics' success can be attributed to a team that C.J has developed, as well as the company's approach to bringing its product to market. Here are some additional key takeaways for any entrepreneur and startup company:
    • Clearly define your target market and relentlessly focus on it - do not try to go after too many possible targets
    • Assess what makes your end user tick and what makes the market loyal to a specific brand
    • Assess the true "adoption curve" of your market and understand the requirements
    • Gathering market feedback is not enough you have to use it in your product development
    • With new technology that represents a paradigm shift it is critical to plan for market education and "missionary work".
    • Technology is rapidly changing, so you must continue to plan two steps ahead and be ready to evolve
    • Look at the historical success in your market and align your product and company with neutral influencers
    • Be ready to partner for success in development and commercialization.
    PDMA Pittsburgh Chapter Upcoming Events

    In late June, the Chapter will be hosting a "Playing Lean" Summer Social for PDMA members and guests.  Product development professionals from the area are invited to come and play the fun "Playing Lean" board game to learn more about Lean Startup. 
    During the event, teams of four will try to get from an idea to a winning product, while learning core concepts and vocabulary of Lean Startup. Details about the event will be posted on the Pittsburgh Chapter Events page soon.
    Released: May 19, 2016, 5:09 am | Updated: May 19, 2016, 5:09 am
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