Webcast: Meeting a Company’s Competitive Needs, Today and Into the Future

    By: Mark A Hart, NPDP on Mar 13, 2015

    During this webcast, Jay Walker and Jon Ellenthal will explore how to use the US patent system as an effective instrument for knowledge sharing and technology transfer. 

    This webcast will include a discussion about the innovation needs of companies today. Topics will include:

    • Finding third party R&D
    • Recent developments in research models
    • Capabilities to help companies leverage R&D budgets by 10-20 times
    • The impact of such changes on the cost-effectiveness of innovation acquisition, particular as this effects legal risk and the valuation of intellectual property
    • How to access the U.S. patent data base, the world’s largest library of innovation

    Jay Walker and Jon Ellenthal will share the concept of an innovation service provider. They will encourage attendees to move beyond thinking about the US patent database as a list of owned properties.

    Information is not sufficient. Companies need expertise to innovate. An innvaotion service provider facilitates access to the smartest people in the world.

    This service was launched in January of 2015. It is affordable for startups and small and mid-sized companies in all industries. 



    For more information about connecting seekers with solvers, read the Harvard Business Review article, Connect Inventors with the Right Problem Problems.

    Article - Connect Inventors with the Right Problems

    Who Should Attend

    The webcast will provide individuals such as head of R&D, the head of Product Development, the head of marketing, or the CEO, with information to improve their company's innovation approach. 

    About the Presenters

    Jay Walker

    Jay Walker is the Executive Chairman and Lead Inventor The United States Patent Utility (www.USPatentUtility.com).

    He has founded multiple successful start-up companies across various industries that today serve tens of millions of customers each, the most recognizable being Priceline and Synapse Group.

    More information at www.linkedin.com/pub/jay-walker/3/745/518/en 

    Jon Ellenthal

    Jon Ellenthal is the Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Patent Properties, which develops and commercializes patents and other intellectual property assets created by Walker Digital, LLC, the research and development lab founded and led by internationally recognized inventor and entrepreneur Jay Walker. Jon is also the President of TEDMED, LLC and a partner in the company, which runs an annual innovation summit for health and medicine.

    For the past 5 years, Jon served as the CEO of Walker Digital, with responsibility for all business operations, research and development, and IP portfolio licensing. He also oversaw finance, legal and administration. Previously Jon was the CEO of Synapse Group, Inc., a direct marketing subsidiary of Time Warner responsible for more than 30 million customers and 2 billion pieces of consumer promotion each year.

    More information at www.linkedin.com/in/jellenthal/en

    US Patent Utility logo

    This webcast is sponsored by the United States Patent Utility. They make it simple and affordable for companies of all sizes to find the relevant ideas, people & organizations in the U.S. patent database to help them compete and manage risk. 



    If you are a New Product Development Professional (NPDP), participation in this webcast qualifies for one professional development hour (PDH) toward your recertification. 


    Live Event

    The live event was Monday April 6, 2014 at 1 PM Eastern (New York)

    A link to the recording will be available in the PDMA Store.

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    Heidi Katherine Additional Questions and is there a recording available?
    By: Heidi Katherine | Posted: April 7, 2015, 7:45 am
    I am a new member of the PDMA association, and found this webinar to be so helpful.  I have a few additional questions below.  Thanks for your help and I am looking forward to becoming more involved in the association.  
    • I would love to understand an example of the process a company followed after they received your information, or be connected with someone who has used it to discuss this?
    • Additionally, why would an organization/person want to help my organization with all they have invested?  Can you talk about some push back or success stories regarding this?  

    Additionally, I have a coworker who missed the early part of the webinar and they would like to view it if there is a recording.  Will one be posted?

    Thank you for your assitance!

    Heidi Katherine

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