Another Innovation Leader Joins PIM 2014 Lineup

    By: Nina Biagini on Jul 29, 2014

    PDMA is thrilled to announce of the newest addition to the PIM 2014’s Brain Trust of Keynote Speakers. Udaiyan (UJ) Jatar is the CEO if the Blue Earth Network—a sustainable innovation and brand Incubator, designed to help create and scale transformational products, service and solutions. Blue Earth Network works with change makers of all types: Fortune 100 Companies, Start-Ups, Non-profits and the government. 

    Under UJ, Blue Earth Network utilizes the “Seven Disciplines of Transcending Innovation,” based on a decade long study decoding how tinkerers and hobbyists craft some of the world’s greatest businesses. Along with his duties as CEO, UJ co-leads the Certified Professional Innovator Program at George State University’s Robinson College of Business and serves on the board of various of non-profits.

    In a career spanning 20 years, Jatar previously worked in the innovation practices at Coca-Cola and P&G. As Vice President of Innovation at Coca-Cola, he lead the creation of Coca-Cola Freestyle—named by Forbes as the coolest product of the decade[DM3] —and the Far Coast/ChaQwa, a 100% Fair Trade coffee and tea platform.  At P&G, he led launches of innovations and global brands such as Pantene, Sprite and Nestea across six continents.

    At PIM 2014, UJ will be using the unique interactive approach of the conference to discuss how to take on gigantic challenges and create sustainable change, titled David vs. Goliath: How you can take on Gigantic Challenges and Create Sustainable Change.  During his Keynote Session and the following Brains-On Interactive Session, you will learn how to broaden your innovation horizon while narrowing your focus on authentic value. As you discover the underpinnings of transformational movements, you will uncover a different method to drive consumer adoption.

    Read more about UJ and his presentation and see what else PDMA has planned in Denver, Colorado to give product developers and innovation professionals the necessary tools to address real world issues and create truly significant impact in innovation.

    Register before August 1st and receive a complimentary ticket to the Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award dinner.


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    Released: July 29, 2014, 10:24 am
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