Webcast: Hybrid R&D – The Path to Breakthrough Innovation

    By: Elizabeth Conner on Apr 02, 2014

    Hybrid R&D - The Path to Breakthrough Innovation  |  May 1, 2014

    During this May 1st webcast, Mark Adkins will share his experiences of breakthrough innovations being developed at companies recognized as outstanding corporate innovators.

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    Hybrid R&D

    Hybrid R&D is one component of an innovation management ecosystem that includes portfolio management, an idea-to-launch process (such as Stage-Gate®), and resource planning.


    Hybrid R&D is a business unit with a separate budget that has an emerging organizational structure, specialized innovation process elements, and unique cultural elements. A Hybrid R&D group is staffed with researchers (such as scientists, engineers, and coders) plus commercialization specialists (including individuals with business development, marketing, and communication proficiencies).

    These organizations may go by different names such as Business Innovation or Venture Programs. Their characteristics include:

    • The full-time immersion of professionals committed to nurture the work and prepares ideas for entry in the commercial Stage-Gate process
    • A defined strategic area within which to operate
    • A mission to envision, develop, and launch entirely new product lines or businesses outside the company’s core yet within the strategic area.

    Breakthrough Innovation

    A breakthrough innovation group enables a new idea to gain traction so that it can be incorporated into the main Stage-Gate process.

    Who should attend this webcast?

    This webcast is designed for individuals that are in organizations that are characterized by:

    • An idea-to-launch process that is so refined, that breakthrough innovation ideas may not be advanced
    • Typically, all available funding is committed to core products
    • Breakthrough products are required to enable abundant growth in the future

    Topics that Mark will discuss include:

    • How to restructure a traditional R&D group to include the role of commercial managers
    • Why a robust Stage Zero is critical to filter and promote breakthrough ideas

    Actionable Ideas

    Walk away from this webcast with important action items.

    • Construct an organizational chart for a Hybrid R&D group
    • Sketch a process model that will guide Hybrid R&D activities
    • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the new organization

    For a sample of Mark Adkins discussing Hybrid R&D, CLICK the image below to view a three minute video.


    About the speaker

    Mark Adkins.jpgMark Adkins, NPDP, is the founder & president of Smart Hammer Innovation, a management consulting business that helps B2B firms seeking profitable growth through product innovation. Mark is the former Director of Marketing and New Product Development at Cincinnati Milacron where the company was recognized as the nation’s best New Product Development program by the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA), receiving their "Outstanding Corporate Innovator" award. Mark is also the former Director of Technology and Marketing at Kennametal Extrude Hone and during his career he and his development teams have launched new products that have generated over $1B in sales.

    He has a degree in Business Administration from Xavier University and is a certified by the PDMA as a New Product Development Professional (NPDP).  Mark served 7 years on the board of directors of the PDMA and helped found the Cincinnati Chapter of PDMA in 2000 and the Pittsburgh Chapter in 2010.

    Follow Mark Adkins on LinkedIn here.

    Live webcast

    Thursday May 1

    Time: 2 PM EST (New York)

    Price: Free

    If you can't attend the live event, register to receive a link to the recording.


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