Webcast: How to Succeed at Strategic Innovation

    By: Elizabeth Conner on Mar 25, 2014

    How to Succeed at Strategic Innovation  |  April 3, 2014

    During this April 3rd webcast, Larry Schmitt will share lessons learned from over a dozen years from hundreds of innovation projects. This webcast is for individuals who want the next big thing in the future while maintaining operational excellence in the present. This webcast will expand ideas from other innovation leaders such as Clayton Christensen (The Innovator's Dilemma) and Geoffrey Moore (Crossing the Chasm).

    Topics that Larry will discuss include:

    Strategic Innovation Canvas

    Strategic Innovation

    Company Culture

    Strategic Innovation Canvas

    Larry will share insights on the strategic innovation canvas that comprises both the internal and external dimensions of innovation. The strategic innovation canvas depicts the zone that represents an organization's adjacent possible opportunities.



    Strategic Innovation

    Larry will share his success stories on strategic innovation which focuses on the things that are significant to a company that relate to future growth and pushes strategic boundaries. Strategic innovation is a way of evolving and shaping that strategy based on both internal and external forces. Success from a strategic innovation efforts may take three to five years. Strategic innovation is not  incremental innovation or sustaining innovation.

    A strategic innovation expands a business’s boundaries by creating new options. It is more than a tactical maneuver or response to keep the company well positioned. It is instead a key component of an emergent effort to surprise and delight future customers and to surprise and confound competitors.

    Company Culture

    During this webcast, Larry will discuss how a culture, the ingrained behaviors of all level os a company with respect to newness and competencies, impacts the company's ability to innovate.


    Who should attend this webcast?

    The webcast is designed for individuals that who are trying to move the needle. This includes:

    • Business leaders
    • Individuals involved in technical, marketing, or commercial aspects of bringing an innovation to market

    View an interview with presenter Larry Schmitt P.HD. to learn about the three key takeaways for the "How to Succeed at Strategic Innovation" webcast and who should attend this webcast. 


    About the speaker

    22.pngLarry Schmitt Ph.D. is a co-founder and President of The Inovo Group. He is the lead architect of Inovo’s theory-based framework and tools, which Inovo uses with its Global 1000 clients to identify significant unmet needs and develop compelling new-to-the-world products, services, and business models. Larry has been working with innovative companies to create competitive advantage and market leadership for more than 35 years. Larry was an executive at two technology startup companies that were acquired. Larry has a PhD in computer science with a special focus on computer vision.

    Follow Larry Schmitt on LinkedIn here.

    Live webcast

    Thursday April 3

    Time: 2 PM EST (New York)

    Price: Free

    A recording of this webcast will be available from the PDMA Store at http://www.pdma.org/p/cm/ld/fid=105 in a few days. 

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    Bill Xenakis How to succeed at strategic innovation - webinar today
    By: Bill Xenakis | Posted: April 3, 2014, 11:09 am

    I cannot find any link to actually watch the presentation.  How frustrating!!!

    Edwardo (Ed) Solis Replay
    By: Edwardo (Ed) Solis | Posted: April 4, 2014, 11:39 am

    Where is the replay link?

    Mark A Hart, NPDP Links to webcast recordings
    By: Mark A Hart, NPDP | Posted: April 4, 2014, 2:19 pm

    Links to webcast recordings are sent to registered attendees a day or two after the live event. A list of webcast recordings is available from the PDMA Store at http://www.pdma.org/p/cm/ld/fid=105 

    For more information, contact webcasts@pdma.org

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