Webcast: Speed Innovations to Market with Less Waste and Risk

    By: Elizabeth Conner on Mar 10, 2014

    Speed Innovations to Market with Less Waste and Risk Webcast   |  April 17, 2014

    During this April 17th webcast, John Farnbach will introduce fresh thinking about innovation, waste, and the NPD process. If you’re struggling with delay and wasted effort in your most innovative development projects, it may be time to pivot in your thinking about process.



    John will address problems that create risk and delays that hobble developers’ agility to respond quickly in a fast-changing market such as:

    • Changing customer requirements force design rework
    • Technical discoveries redefine the opportunity
    • You slavishly follow an outdated plan only to launch an outdated product
    • Waiting for a market to stabilize wastes competitive advantage

    Instead of trying to eliminate change, you identify uncertainties, reduce the cost of changes, and accelerate learning to resolve uncertainties before they become major disruptions.

    He will describe Flexible Product Development (FPD), an approach that has been pioneered by Preston G. Smith to meet the challenges of innovating in fast-changing markets.This approach is sometimes called “agile hardware  development.” FPD translates proven principles of agile software development for use outside of the software domain.

    Flexible Product Development book image

    Attend this webcast to learn about:

    • Why "best practice" planning creates delay and waste for innovative products
    • Tools to reduce the cost of change, rather than trying to avoid it
    • Methods to reduce risk by accelerating learning

    Who should attend this webcast?

    This webcast is designed for direct contributors and first level mangers working in all aspects of new product development, including design, marketing, manufacturing and quality.


    About the speaker

    johnfarnbach.jpgJohn Farnbach's consulting is based on what he has learned in 35 years working in and managing product 
    development, marketing, and business units and teaching business finance. John has over 30 years' experience working in and consulting with companies across a broad spectrum of industries and technologies.

    He has collaborated with Preston G. Smith, the pioneer of flexible development methods, on delivering training and consulting in the area. He has experience at all levels of product development, ranging from hands-on product design through VP-level management of product development.  He has also served in marketing and product line management. He is currently a Principal of Silver Streak Partners LLC, working to improve product development results with less fire-fighting and crisis management.

    He has a Ph.D.(EE)  and BSEE from Princeton University and an MS (EE) from the University of New Mexico.


    Follow John Farnbach on LinkedIn here.


    Live webcast

    Thursday April 17, 2014

    Time: 2 PM EST (New York)

    Price: Free

    To access the recording, visit the PDMA Store.

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