Vote for the Edison Award Nominees!

    By: Allison LeMay on Jan 30, 2014

    PDMA is pleased to join with the Edison Awards organization to help identify game-changing products, services and leadership in innovation across a wide variety of industries and disciplines. To make this possible, PDMA members are invited to join the Edison Awards judges panel and vote on nominations they find to represent the best and most innovative product or service development.

    Nominees will be judged in four key areas: concept, value, delivery and impact. Entries represent 14 different award categories ranging from consumer packaged goods to energy and sustainability. Judges may vote in any or all categories and sub-categories as they choose. An electronic ballot is available now through Feb 9. Edison representatives estimate that thorough review and judging of each category and sub-category would require a total of approximately 90 minutes. Participants may spend as much or as little time as they like, and may pause and continue as often as necessary. Interested PDMA members can click here to view instructions and start the judging process.

    As an added benefit of judging the Edison Awards, participating PDMA members will receive a 15 percent discount on registration for the 2014 Edison Awards live event, which this year will take place April 29-30 in San Francisco. The two-day program includes the popular "Meet the Innovators" Forum, featuring panel discussions and organized networking sessions involving all participants, and an "Innovators' Showcase," in which nominees will present their nominated products and services. The program will conclude with the black-tie gala 2014 Edison Awards Presentation.


    An independent organization since 2008, the Edison Awards were originally established in 1987 by the American Marketing Association. For more information on the awards program, visit

    Released: January 30, 2014, 5:05 pm
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