PIM 13 Conference Update: Insights from Equifax, Aon and OCI Award Winners

    By: Ashley Anderson on Oct 30, 2013

    The second day of PDMA's Product Development Management Conference (PIM 13) brought attendees together to work on innovation problems such as portfolio management, standing out amongst generic brands, and more.

    Robert Hale PIM13 PDMA

    PDMA Vice Chair Robert Hale (above) welcomed attendees to Day 2 and introduced keynote Trey Loughran, President of Equifax.

    Equifax PIM13 PDMA

    "Customers say they prefer 24 types of jam, but those that are given only six buy more afterward," - Trey Loughran.

    Loughran delivered an excellent presentation where he cautioned attendees not to give their customers too many product choices. He spoke to the value of positioning your top product as the best to your customers instead of inundating them with a myriad of different options.

    OCI Award PDMA PIM13

    After the morning keynote, PDMA President Christina Hepner Brodie (right) took the stage to bestow the Best of Visions Award, given to the top Visions article from 2012. This year's winning article was "OCI Lessons Learned" by the OCI Award Committee. Sally Kay, OCI Award Committee Chair (left), accepted the award on behalf of her team. Sally then announced the winners of this year's Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award.

    Sherwin Williams PIM13 PDMA OCI

    Steve Revnew, VP of Product Innovation accepted the award on behalf of the Sherwin Williams Company, Paint Store Groups shared how their holistic commitment to innovation and customer intimacy has contributed to their success.

    Baker Hughes OCI PDMA PIM13

    Ron Sonnier, Director of Product Development and Management at Baker Hughes also accepted the OCI Award on behalf of his company. Sonnier outlined his company's path to success through standardizing their innovation processes.

    PDMA PIM13

    Over lunch, Jeanne Bradford (right), author of Innovate Products Faster, signed copies of her book and talked to attendees about her work. Attendees also stopped by the Solutions Provider Theater to hear about the brand new PDMA Product Innovation Management Standard and about product management and development tools from Pragmatic Marketing.

    Aon PIM13 PDMA

    Attendees then broke out into the Innovation Challenge Workshop sessions. Workshops included Community-Powered Problem Solving for B to B Go-to-Market Solutions with Aon, Portfolio Management with SmartOrg, and Harnessing the Power of Branded Prescription Medicines in a Sea of Generics with a Fortune 500 Pharma Company.


    The day came to a close with the OCI Reception and Dinner, where PDMA recognized the value of the long-standing OCI Award and celebrated this year's winners. Left to right: PDMA Executive Director Brad Barbera, Baker Hughes Director of Product Development and Management Ron Sonnier, PDMA President Christina Hepner Brodie, and OCI Award Committee Chair Sally Kay.

    Tune in to the final day of PIM 13 on Twitter with hashtag #PIM13.

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