PIM 13 Conference Update: HP, Red Hat, Chick-fil-A and more!

    By: Ashley Anderson on Oct 29, 2013

    Monday marked the first day of the official 2013 Product Innovation Management Conference. Hundreds of product development professionals gathered in Phoenix to address the issue of innovating under constraint. Here's an overview of the day:

    PIM 13 PDMA BrendaTollett

    Brenda Tollett, PDMA Conference Committee Chair (above) and Christina Hepner Brodie, PDMA President and Board Chair welcomed attendees to Phoenix to open the conference. The PDMA Conference Committee "innovated the innovation conference," based on attendee feedback, to include more interactive learning opportunities. This year's redesigned conference included brand-new Brains-On Interactive Keynotes and Innovation Challenge Workshop Sessions.


    "Playing small increases the risk of failure, not the opposite," - Rich Duncombe.

    Day 1 Keynote Rich Duncombe, HP Strategist, taught attendees how to harness risk effectively through radical innovation instead of incremental innovation.

    PIM13 PDMA

    Attendees then broke out into small groups to dive deeper into the innovation strategies outlined by Rich.

    Jackie Yeaney Red Hat PDMA PIM 13

    "People thrive when they are part of a community connected by ideas," - Jackie Yeaney.

    Jackie Yeaney, EVP of Strategy and Marketing at Red Hat delivered her keynote presentation on how to make the open source model work for your innovation team. Yeaney outlined how meritocracy, transparency and freedom can enable a culture of innovation.

    Red Hat PIM13 PDMA 

    The audience broke out into small groups to test out the open vs. closed source models on various innovation problems. Challenges ranged from finding parking in congested areas to improving cell phone battery life. Attendees presented their best ideas (some even acted out skits!) and analyzed how the open vs. closed source models hindered or enhanced their collaboration.

    After the morning keynotes, attendees grabbed lunch and headed to the Solutions Provider Theater to see presentations from Planview and Passenger. Planview taught attendees how to gain an innovation edge over their competitors while Passenger taught them how to innovate the customer experience.

    Attendees then headed off to the Innovation Challenge Workshop of their choice. Workshops included Agile Innovation, Implanting Sustainability Innovation, Using Design Thinking, and Making Progress Faster - a Corporate Challenge Session with Chick-fil-A.

    ChickfilA PIM 13 PDMA

    PDMA Treasurer Ernie Harris (left) and attendees at the Chick-fil-A Corporate Challenge dissected the company's biggest innovation challenges on 3M's brand new giant Post-its!


    The evening ended with a welcome reception sponsored by PwC. Attendees networked and discussed key takeaways from the day's content over drinks and appetizers. The PDMA Board and Staff, including PDMA President and Board Chair Christina Hepner Brodie (left), were present to receive attendee feedback.

    Remember to join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #PIM13. Looking forward to Day 2 of conference!

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