PDMA Annual Research Forum Day 1 Update

    By: Ashley Anderson on Oct 26, 2013

    Thank you to everyone who made the first day of the PDMA PIM 13 Annual Research Forum such a huge success! PDMA’s Annual Research Forum provides a common ground for academics and practitioners from all over the world who are pushing the envelope.

    Here is a recap of the day's content:


    PDMA Research Forum Chairs Barry Bayus, Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flager Business School (pictured above) and Minu Kumar, Assistant Professor of Marketing at San Francisco State University kicked off the first day of the Forum.

    PIM13 Marshmallow Challenge Research Forum

    Attendees warmed up with The Marshmallow Challenge: an interactive team building activity that put their ingenuity to the test.

    From there, everyone broke out into separate sessions. Each session contained select research presentations that all fell under a broader hot-button NPD topic. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the session topics and research presentation titles from the Research Forum.


    This year marks the 30th birthday for the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM). Current and past editors of JPIM held a special lunch session to celebrate the impressive growth of the publication. PDMA Board Member Tom Hustad, NPDP (pictured above) had the honor of cutting the cake after he was recognized for his invaluable contributions to the publication.

    PIM 13 Research Forum Reception

    PDMA closed out the evening with the Research Forum Reception and Poster Session held on the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright Lawn. Attendees enjoyed viewing research posters and networking over beverages and hors d'oeuvres.

    Whether you're with us in Phoenix or want to follow the conference along from home, you can follow PDMA on Twitter to get valuable takeaways in real-time. Use the #PIM13 hashtag to help join the conversation.


    Research Forum Day 1 Sessions

    Session: Co-Creating Value through NPD
    "Understanding Customer Needs: A Systems Approach" By Hyunjung Lee and Stephen Markham
    "The Differential Effects of Customer Involvement on New Product Performance" By Fang Wu
    "Stakeholder Co-Creation Capabilities: Their Microfoundations and Impact on Knowledge Creation During the Innovation Process" By Kande Kazadi, Annouk Lievens, Dominik Mahr
    "“Consumers hijacked my idea contest!” Managers’ attitudes and reactions towards deviant consumer behavior in ideation contests" By Alexandra Gatzweiler, Vera Blazevic, and Frank T. Piller
    "Utilizing Social Network Sites for NPD: The User Perspective" By Deborah Roberts and Marina Candi
    "Participative Product Development:  Can Customers Care Too Much?" By Michael Stanko, Stefanie Wood and Stacy Robinson

    Session: The Ebbs and Flows of Knowledge in NPD
    "Finding New Fields of Application: How Existing Technologies Can Open Up New Business Opportunities" By Nina Moellers
    "Profiting from external knowledge" By Catharina Hofmeister
    "Where and How Did New Ventures Locate Their Attention For Knowledge Search and Innovation?" By Tang Wang and Dirk Libaers
    "Professional Patent Management in Knowledge Intensive Firms: An Empirical Analysis" By Steven Kasih
    "Innovation with Living Labs: An Empirical Analysis of their Role during Knowledge Creation" By Dominik Mahr, Dimitri Shuurman, Lieven De Marez and Pieter Ballon
    "How Knowledge Management Capabilities Help Leverage Knowledge Resources and Strategic Orientation for New Product Advantages in B2B High-Technology Firms" By Subin Im, Douglas Vorhies, Namwoon Kim and Bruce Heiman

    Session: Engaged for NPD
    "The relation between intra- and inter-organizational knowledge sharing" By Tim Wutzler
    "Integrating skunk works and innovative individuals for radical innovation" By Nicole Lasky and Tania Bucic
    "The Impact of Partnership Network Stability On New Product Development Cost In The Pharmaceutical Industry" By Erika Buonansegnaa, Jason Li-Yinga, Anja M. Maiera , Søren Salomo , Carsten Schultzb and Tom Stargardt.
    "Mutual trust formation in Korean university-industry collaborations: The moderating Role of relationship experience" By Ludwig Bstieler and Martin Hemmert

    Session: Capturing Value from Innovation
    "Financial Incentives and Salesperson Time Orientation in New Product Launch: A Longitudinal Study" By Frederik Beuk, Alan Malter, Jelena Spanjol, and John Cocco
    "Fast Track NPD: Strategy and Implications" By Matt Shaner, Anton Fenik, Kang Bok Lee and Charles Noble
    "Newer and Faster! Investigating the Moderating Roles of Integration and Flexible New Product Development Processes on Speed-To-Market" By Guihan Ko and Michael Obal
    "Formation and Assessment of Innovation Strategy Risk Levels: The Roles of Managers’ Motivational Profiles and Observed Stock Price Performance" By Regina Mcnally, Jelena Spanjol and Abbie Griffin

    Session: Strategizing for NPD
    "An Outside-in View of Marketing Capability and New Product" By Jifeng Mu
    "Conditions of 'Adoptive Innovativeness':  A historical study of two UK services providers" By Jyoti Navare and Zhongqi Jin
    "Top Management Involvement in New Product Development Projects: A Socio-Technical Perspective on Its Antecedents Operationalization, and Consequences" By Burcu Felekoglu, James Moultrie, Anja Maier and Serdar Durmusoglu
    "Competitive Imitation Strategy for New Product-Market Success" By Sam Min and Namwoon Kim

    Session: Bringing More Clarity to the Fuzzy Front-end 
    "The Critical Role of Price Information in New Product Concept Testing" By Jeffrey Schmidt and B.J. Allen
    "Between Market Learning Mechanisms and New Product Development Performance: The Moderating Role of Customer Need Tacitness" By Haisu Zhang, Anna Cui, and Fang Wu
    "Rational and intuitive approaches in Fuzzy front-end" By Katrin Eling, Fred Langerak and Abbie Griffin
    "Low-cost Technology Adoption - A Mixed-Methods Study on distinguishing factors on technology use" By Sebastian Gurtner

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