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    By: Nina Miller on Jun 28, 2011

    I come from a maker family. I learned to sew and draw at the same time, and I was given a hammer, nails and scrap wood to play with at a very young age. This environment made me confident that I could build my own solutions with any tools that were available to me. Any skill I needed I could learn, I just had to find the resources to learn from. I didn't have to rely on an outside company to make solutions for me.

    The first day of #CoCreatePDMA was filled with things I loved as a child: LEGOS, robots and custom T-shirts to name a few. I am grateful that I was encouraged to keep that sense of play and curiosity by my family and friends.

    If makers are the future of innovation, how do we make sure we have a sustainable resource of future makers? What do we need to do in classrooms in order to cultivate confidence and creative thinking? How do we measure that in our students and graduates?

    Schuler St. Leger inspires me to keep making. He is a 10 year old in Phoenix that loves his Makerbot. We need lots of Schulers. Let's make more.

    Released: June 28, 2011, 11:55 am
    Keywords: PDMA Blog | Co-Creation | Sustaining Practices

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