Baker Hughes & Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores Group as 2013 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Winners

    By: Allison LeMay on Sep 05, 2013

    PDMA Announces Baker Hughes and Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores Group as the 2013 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award Winners
    Awards To Be Presented at PDMA’s 37th Annual Product Innovation Management Conference in October


    The OCI Award is the only innovation award that recognizes sustained (5 or more years) and quantifiable business results from new products and services. The OCI Committee uses a rigorous process to evaluate nominees each year. Companies are selected that have proven themselves exceptionally capable of integrating strategy, culture, process and technology to consistently create and capture value through product and service innovation. The 49 OCI Winners recognized since the award’s inception in 1988 represent diversity in industry and size but share a common bond in their commitment to innovation as a means to achieve corporate success.


    “Baker Hughes and Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores Group  both demonstrate corporate commitment to innovation, as well as a focus on providing unique solutions to challenging customer problems to gain competitive advantage,” said Sally Evans Kay, Chair, OCI Selection Committee. At the conference, these two companies will detail the practices and processes instrumental to their innovation success, providing valuable learning opportunities for the new product development and innovation community. The OCI Session provides a rare opportunity to ‘look under the hood’ of a successful company---a priceless opportunity for companies wishing to improve their own innovation practices.



    Baker Hughes, one of the world’s largest oilfield service companies, has built its 100+ year history on innovation. In 2009, Baker Hughes reorganized its then 55,000-member global workforce into a regional structure to improve alignment with customer needs. Key to that directive was the implementation of a standard innovation process across product lines, with a focus on delivering integrated solutions to its customers.
    “We are honored to receive the prestigious PDMA Outstanding Corporate Innovator award, which recognizes our commitment to develop solutions that drive our industry forward,” says Baker Hughes Chairman and CEO, Martin Craighead. “We remain focused on exceeding customer expectations through leadership in innovation.”


    Baker Hughes’ focus on doing “the right projects, the right way, at the right time” starts with identifying strategic imperatives during its planning process, continues with determining new solutions to achieve those imperatives, then executing and monitoring to ensure the expected value is realized. 


    At the conference, Mike Sanders, Vice President of Enterprise Engineering, will share how “wiring the matrix” across the organizational hierarchies of a global enterprise has been a key driver behind Baker Hughes’ innovation success. To achieve its mission of “right projects, right way, and right time,” the Enterprise Engineering Group facilitates the use of standard processes and tools while providing critical integration and motivation for employees to adopt these processes across its multiple product lines.


    To continue to “lead in innovation,” Baker Hughes is constantly focused on identifying new ideas that create value for customers through strategy and innovation workshops, and on creating dedicated teams to accelerate development for top priority initiatives.


    Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores Group (SWPSG) has a strong corporate commitment to innovation, and is recognized within the Paint and Coatings industry for setting the pace of technical development.  SWPSG, the leading operator of specialty paint stores in North America, serves the needs of diverse market segments. During the economic downturn, which impacted many of SWPSG’s customers, the company increased its investment in innovation to ensure they had a competitive advantage when the economy started to improve.


    At the conference, Steve Revnew, Vice President of Product Innovation, will share how SWPSG capitalizes on its unique distribution model and market research tools to identify and meet the specific needs of multiple customer segments – from architectural and industrial painting contractors to do-it-yourself owners.


    The company is focused on developing next-generation and breakthrough products to ensure that it is meeting the needs of customers. In addition, SWPSG has enhanced the paint shopping experience with unique color selection tools and strategic partnerships.


    Also being recognized at the conference as a 2013 OCI Finalist will be Xerox.  Xerox, a 2006 OCI Winner, has made impressive accomplishments in its transformation to a service-based enterprise.
    Released: September 5, 2013, 8:50 am | Updated: September 5, 2013, 8:56 am
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