Webcast: The Power of Embedded Predictive Analytics

    By: Allison LeMay on Aug 19, 2013

    The Power of Embedded Predictive Analytics


    Predixion Software

    The live version of this webcast was September 5, 2013. A recorded version can be downloaded from our online store.

    Enterprise Software is an intensely competitive business and products that don’t stay ahead in the race to add new capabilities suffer the consequences, being overtaken by better competitors. Predictive analytics is a hot topic these days and is rapidly becoming a must-have feature for software packages. As a result, product managers should adopt predictive analytic modeling technology to add improved decision-making to their products. This webcast will outline a 5 step approach to successfully embedding predictive analytics in your product.

    You will learn:

      1.    How different kinds of predictions can empower your business
      2.    What types of decisions can be improved with predictive analytics
      3.    Core functionality required for a fully automated and collaborative predictive  analytics solution
      4.    Deployment considerations
      5.    Key factors in the “Build or Buy” decision for embedded predictive analytics capabilities

      During this webcast, Jame Taylor will outline the value of predictive analytics and walk through the five steps you need to succeed, identifying key features you will need in a predictive analytic solution. Mark McNally will talk about some real-world customers and how the approach maps to their experience.

      After this webcast, attendees can start developing a plan to embed predictive analytics in their products.


      Meet the Speakers:

      Mark McNally

      Mark McNally
      VP of Business Development, Predixion Software
      Mark McNally is an accomplished executive with broad-based experience scaling companies from startup through multinational establishment.  He joined Predixion Software to lead alliances, strategy, and business development, oversee strategic partnerships and identify new growth opportunities.

      Mark’s career includes impressive results as a visionary tech innovator, global business veteran and results oriented operations executive.  As a senior founding executive of PurchasePro.com, an early innovator in B2B e-commerce, Mark successfully developed multi-million dollar strategic alliances with numerous fortune 1000 Companies, led product development and was an integral part of its management team that grew the company from startup through the 3rd most successful IPO of 1999.   As CEO of a Global Sourcing firm Mark led negotiations with international vendors from China to Pakistan and established a company with offices worldwide.  As COO of Delivery Agent, he led business management functions of the world’s leading entertainment e-commerce company managing many of the world’s leading studios and networks and their e-commerce environments.  As Chief Innovation Officer at Good360, Mark developed the world’s largest non-profit e-commerce marketplace helping to distribute hundreds of millions of dollars of hard goods annually from corporate America to tens of thousands of global charities.


      James Taylor

      James Taylor
      CEO, Decision Management Solutions
      James is the CEO and a Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions. He is the leadingexpert in how to use business rules and analytic technology to build Decision Management Systems. James is passionate about using Decision Management Systems to help companies improve decision making and develop an agile, analytic and adaptive business. He provides strategic consulting to companies of all sizes, working with clients in all sectors to adopt decision making technology. James has spent the last 20 years developing approaches, tools, and platforms that others can use to build more effective information systems. He has led Decision Management efforts for leading companies in insurance, banking, health management, manufacturing, travel and telecommunications. James is the author of “Decision Management Systems: A practical guide to using business rules and predictive analytics” (IBM Press, 2011). He previously wrote Smart (Enough) Systems: How to Deliver Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions (Prentice Hall) with Neil Raden, and is a regular speaker at webinars at events around the world.



      Meet the Moderator:

      Mark HartMark Hart
      Founder, OpLaunch 

      Mark Hart is a PDMA certified New Product Development Professional. He is the founder of OpLaunch, a new product development studio that focuses on improving the skills of individual contributors and the quality of their interactions within new product development networks. Prior to OpLaunch, contributed to the development of new products  at Hewlett-Packard for 16 years.


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