The Journal of Product Innovation Management is the leading academic journal devoted to the latest research, theory, and practice in new JPIMproduct and service development. The scope of the journal is broad, taking account of issues that are crucial to successful product innovation in the organization's external and internal environments. The intent is to be informative, thought-provoking and intellectually challenging thereby contributing to the knowledge and practice of new product development and innovation management. It is one of the important benefits of being a PDMA member, although subscriptions are also available directly from the publisher.

    Aims and Scope
    The Journal of Product Innovation Management is an interdisciplinary, international journal that seeks to advance our theoretical and managerial knowledge of product and service development. The journal publishes original articles on organizations of all sizes (start-ups, small-medium enterprises, large) and from the consumer, business-to-business, and institutional domains. The journal is receptive to all types of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Authors across the world from diverse disciplines and functional perspectives are welcome to submit to the journal.

    Articles published in the journal consist of three types:

    • Original research articles including conceptual/theoretical and empirical articles. All research articles are subject to double-blind, refereed peer review.
    • “From Experience” articles which describe unique perspectives and approaches to improving new product and service development.  These submissions are reviewed by the editor.
    • ​"Perspective" articles which do not fit into the category of original research yet provide value to scholars and/or practitioners. Such submissions might include, but are not limited to, application of theoretical principles to actual firm activities and thoughtful essays. Manuscripts submitted for this category are also reviewed by the editor.

    If you have an idea for a “From Experience” or “Perspective” piece, please contact the Editor at

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