About the CDMA SIG Chapter

    The chemical industry is "Essential for Growth" of virtually any enterprise that produces tangible products. The Chemical Development and Marketing Association (CDMA), a Special Interest Group of PDMA, is uniquely focused on growth of the chemical industry and its associated value chains. CDMA provides real world practical information and networking opportunities that help members grow their companies and develop their careers. CDMA welcomes anyone interested in the chemicals and materials value chains to join our family of dedicated professionals Come grow with us!

    Our Mission

    We are a growth catalyst and forum for networking, learning and sharing case-based best practices in business development for companies using chemistry platforms.

    Our vision and mission will be accomplished by delivering products and services that will both educate and connect people in the chemical industry value chain for the purpose of business and professional growth, with experience-based specifics, including:

    • Conferences: Providing real-world information and networking with peers on topics related to growth in the chemical value chain.
    • Chapters: Providing content at the local level within PDMA’s Chapter System.
    • Education Programs: Collaborating with the Educational Foundation to provide education in best-in-class techniques to professionals who need to build businesses and commercialize technology.
    • Website: Providing value-added content for CDMA members. Parts of the website are restricted to PDMA members who have paid for CDMA SIG membership.

             - On-line libraries/archives of meeting presentations, including meeting videos.
             - Real-time interaction such as blogs and conversations between members.

    • Publications: Providing articles for PDMA’s Visions Magazine as well as external trade publications.
    • Industry Alliances: Establishing the New CDMA as a well-known and respected industry resource through maintaining and growing alliances with professional organizations within the chemical industry: Société de Chimie Industrielle, Chemical Heritage Foundation, American Chemical Society (ACS), The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), SPE, ChemPharma, and others.

             - Co-sponsorships.
             - Joint programs.

    • Awards Program: Recognizing the Best of the Best.

             - The Lee W. Rivers Innovation Award recognizes companies or individuals who have developed a significant innovative
               solution to fill a market need or alter the basis of competition.
             - CDMA Award for Executive Excellence is presented to leaders who have made significant contributions to the health
               and growth of the chemical industry -- a tradition since 1950!
            - The Golden C is presented to CDMA members in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of new product
               development and commercialization.


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