Webcast - The Risks of Separating UI/UX From Your Development Cycle

    By: Mark A Hart, NPDP on Aug 22, 2017

    During this webcast, Ameen Mirdamadi of Logi Analytics will share insights on integrating the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) process into software development lifecycles. For example, agile software development doesn’t typically include a place for UX methods unless it’s actively set up with UI and UX in mind.

    But for customers to find your application useful in their day-to-day lives, application teams must plan from the start to present information in easily understandable and visually appealing ways. If the application gets cluttered with unnecessary information or is not designed intuitively, it becomes more trouble than it’s worth to customers—who may stop using the application altogether.

    What You Will Learn

    The learning objectives for this webcast include:

    • Uncover ways to integrate UX into agile environments
    • Why UI/UX is so critical when creating applications
    • A show and tell of the Logi Analytics visual gallery with professionally designed application dashboards

    Who Should Attend

    This content is suited for C-Suite and VP level executives plus product development teams. It includes Strategy and Technology areas from the Body of Knowledge.


    Ameen Mirdamadi of Logi AnalyticsAmeen Mirdamadi has more than 10 years of experience when it comes to leadership in every aspect of the software development lifecycle. Throughout his expansive career, he has headed user experience teams, and multiple development teams to bring successful products to market. His modern approach to design and experience aesthetic makes him an invaluable asset when it comes to putting applications to best use.

    Currently, He is currently a Product Manager at Logi Analytics.

    Prior to working at Logi Analytics, he was a consultant at Accenture.

    LinkedIn Profile






    Webcast Recording

    The live webcast was Thursday, 21 September 2017 at 2 PM Eastern (New York).

    An edited recording of the webcast is available in the PDMA Store

    Released: August 22, 2017, 7:27 am | Updated: October 3, 2017, 9:57 am
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