Webcast: Collecting Product Input through a Well-Managed Customer Advisory Board Program

    By: Mark A Hart, NPDP on Sep 16, 2016

    A customer advisory board (CAB) is the ideal method for validating corporate strategies, gathering input to product development, and deepening relationships with key clients. But to be effective, a CAB program must be properly established, resourced and managed, or the initiative can do more harm than good.

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    Join this insightful and educational webinar to learn the essential elements in creating and managing a world-class CAB program, including:

    • Company and members benefits of a well-managed CAB program
    • Key challenges in designing and running a CAB
    • Creating an impactful CAB program
    • Effectively targeting, recruiting and onboarding members
    • Building mutually beneficial meeting content
    • Proven methods to effectively gather and prioritize desired product features and functionality
    • Running effective in-person and remote meetings
    • Turning meeting insights into action
    • Sustaining board momentum between meetings
    • Measuring program ROI


    Advisory Board Stakeholders (where advisory boards can impact your company)

    What you will learn

    1. Understand how CABs can be used to effectively gather customer input into product development roadmaps
    2. Learn various methods to collect and prioritize customer desired product features and functions
    3. Learn best practices for turning collected input into a robust action plan

    Who Should Attend

    This webcast is intended for individuals that are members of the C-suite and involved with Operations.


    eyal-danon-152.jpgEyal Danon is the top expert in the world on establishing, managing and optimizing customer advisory board programs. 

    As founder of Ignite Advisory Group, Eyal Danon is responsible for the company’s unique and effective approach to Customer Advisory Councils. A former Chief Marketing Officer for privately held and publicly traded software companies, Eyal has worked with software companies that experienced dramatic growth amid changing business environments. During his tenure with NICE Systems (NASDAQ:  NICE) he helped generating an incremental $1.3B of shareholder value in 5 years.

    Before launching Ignite Advisory Group, Eyal developed and managed highly influential and Strategic Customer Advisory Boards encompassing key executives from Fortune 500 companies. He has worked directly with Xerox, Adobe, Aetna, Qualcomm, Symantec, Brocade, Akamai, Reuters, Iron Mountain, Verizon and Equifax.

    Eyal has appeared on CNN Headline News, NBC, ABC, Forbes, Fortune, BBC News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle and Business Week. Having worked as a leadership expert for InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in Europe, Eyal has excellent group facilitation skills and years of learning and development experience.

    In addition to managing Ignite Advisory Group, Eyal speaks widely before industry groups, and consults directly with entrepreneurs and executives on marketing and leadership development. Eyal holds an MBA from Boston University and is a graduate of Columbia University’s Business School Executive Leadership Program.

    He is the author of “Cracking the C-Suite, a practical guide to creating a shared future with your executive customers,” and a contributor to the book “Project 100 – Marketing in the Social Media Era.”

    gavin-nathan-152.jpgGavin Nathan is the founder of customeradvisoryboard.org, (http://www.customeradvisoryboard.org/home.html ) the largest independent professional association dedicated to helping CAB managers achieve success.

    Gavin Nathan has extensive experience designing and managing Customer Advisory Boards and executive engagement programs. In addition, Gavin created the most popular technology platform for managing Customer Advisory Boards, called CAB Perform. Gavin is well versed in engaging Fortune 500 executive decision makers, from a 15-year career in technology sales & marketing. Spanning social media, cloud computing and CRM, Gavin helped five pre-IPO technology companies grow their customer bases globally. Originally from the UK, Gavin has experience living and working in London, Europe, and the Middle East, bringing a unique understanding of cultural differences in engaging executives. He now resides in Boston, USA.




    Webcast Recording

    The live webcast was Wednesday 2 November 1 PM Eastern (New York). A recording is available in the Webcast section of the PDMA Store.

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