Webcast: 5 Key Lessons for Successful Portfolio Optimization

    By: Mark A Hart, NPDP on Jun 28, 2016

    Getting to the right portfolio is critical for growth and cost management. Reshaping your portfolio to one that will inspire customers, make money for the business and spur further growth is crucial. In this session, Stephen Wilson, managing partner and co-founder of Wilson Perumal & Company, will discuss five key lessons from the front lines, based on his organization’s experience supporting companies with portfolio optimization efforts and research on best practices. 


    What You Will Learn

    Your time is precious, so why spend it joining this webcast? In addition to hearing about the five key lessons to portfolio optimization, the webcast will

    • Ensure you are familiar with the six key facets of portfolio optimization.
    • Give you an introduction to a powerful alternative to Activity-Based Costing: Square-Root Costing, which is a faster more dynamic approach to quantifying complexity costs and understanding true profitability.
    • Teach you how to overcome a key barrier to portfolio optimization—concern over the impact to revenues—by leveraging “substitutability” to cut complexity while keeping revenues.
    • Provide knowledge about the many benefits of portfolio optimization, both from a growth and profitability perspective.

    Who Should Attend

    This webcast will be relevant to individuals who are charged with ideating and developing new product portfolios.This webcast will be valuable for product managers, innovation specialists, and other CXO individuals.


    Stephen WilsonStephen Wilson is the managing partner and co-founder of Wilson Perumal & Company. He works with senior leadership teams in corporations and private equity groups, advising them on critical strategy and operations issue. Stephen has written extensively on the topics of growth strategy, cost-competitiveness, organizational development and, in particular, on the issue of competing in today’s complex world.  He is the co-author of “Waging War on Complexity Costs” (McGraw-Hill, 2009). His latest book, “Growth in the Age of Complexity,” will be published in 2016.





    stephen-wilson-books.jpgAt WP&C, Stephen works closely with CEOs, COOs and other corporate leaders around the issues of optimizing the portfolio and customer offer, simplifying and aligning a company’s operating model, and developing growth strategies that achieve scale and profitability. He works across industries and has particular depth in consumer goods, industrial goods, manufacturing and retail.

    Live Event

    The live webcast was August 3, 2016.

    A recording of the presentation will be available in the PDMA store soon.

    Released: June 28, 2016, 2:53 pm | Updated: August 4, 2016, 12:51 pm
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