UPS Keynote – A Sneak Peek of the PDMA Annual Conference

    By: Elizabeth Conner on Sep 08, 2016

    PDMA is pleased to announce Alan Amling, Vice President of UPS Supply Chain Solutions as one of the featured 2016 PDMA Annual Conference keynote speakers.

    The Annual Conference is less than 60 days away! Until then, check out the sneak peek below on what to expect from Alan’s keynote presentation!

    “When Pigs Fly: Thriving in the Age of Disruption”

    Today, no company is immune from disruption. How should companies respond When is product development not enough and business model innovation required? Hear Alan discuss real-life examples on how UPS is staying ahead of disruption and thriving using the example of 3D Printing, a game-changing technology that represents both threat and opportunity for companies around the globe. 

    Watch Alan in Action – Ted Institute Talk




    Want More? Check Out Alan’s Articles on the UPS Blog, Longitudes

    On the Road to Disruption 

    Pet Rocks, Hula Hoops and 3D Printing?

    Don’t miss PDMA’s impressive speaker line up at the 2016 Annual Conference, October 16-19 in Atlanta, Georgia. Register by September 9 to save up to $375.

    Alan Amling is a keynote presenter at the 2016 PDMA Annual Conference. He leads UPS’s Global On-Demand Manufacturing initiative, helping global companies leverage 3D Printing to take time, cost and carbon out of their supply chain.  He moved into this role after service as VP Marketing for UPS Logistics & Distribution.  



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