PDMA Offers Product Development and Management Lessons from Top Brands at the PDMA Annual Conference

    By: Ande Leslie on Aug 15, 2016


    PDMA Offers Product Development and Management Lessons from Top Brands at the PDMA Annual Conference 

    CHICAGO – The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is offering product developers and product managers the opportunity to learn new approaches, best practices and strategies for delivering greater value to their company’s product development and management programs from top brands at the 2016 PDMA Annual Conference.

    Taking place Oct. 16-19, 2016 in Atlanta, the PDMA Annual Conference features industry-leading educational sessions focused on strategy, management and execution in all areas of the product development and management lifecycle.

    The 2016 PDMA Annual Conference will deliver real-world learnings with keynote presentations from:

    • Alan Amling, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, UPS
    • Michael Docherty, CEO, Author of "Collective Disruption: How Corporations and Startups Can Co-create Transformative New Businesses"
    • Raleigh Gresham, Director, Global Business Traveler Insights and Experience, InterContinental Hotels Group
    • Alex Hodges, Vice President and General Manager, Surgical and Infection Prevention, Halyard Health
    • Terry Jones, Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer of Travelocity & Former Chairman of Kayak.com
    • Dr. Erin O’Discoll, Vice President of New Business Development, Dow Chemical
    • Hania Jarrah Poole, Vice President, Business Operations, NCAA Digital, Turner Sports
    • Steve Robinson, Executive Vice President and Former Chief Marketing Officer, Chick-fil-A
    • Doug Shipman, Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer, National Center for Civil and Human Rights
    • Soon Yu, Global Vice President, Innovation, VFC

    “The PDMA Annual Conference is one of the most valuable forums for practitioners, academics and providers to come together, share best practices and build a community that will help accelerate their product development and management programs,” said Brad White, 2016 Annual Conference Chair and Managing Director at BrightHouse, a Division of BCG. “This year we have an unprecedented breadth and depth of speakers and topics in a world-class setting.”

    Attendees also have several educational opportunities to learn how past winners and finalists of PDMA’s Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award, the only innovation award which recognizes sustained (five or more years) and quantifiable business results from new products and services:

    • OCI Executive Panel Discussion: Sustaining Innovation Success AND Disrupting the Future Panelists include: Denise Garner, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, The Clorox Company; Don Goeman, Executive Vice President of Research Design & Development, Herman Miller; Doug LaPlante, Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President of Strategy, New Pig; Dr. Ellen Strahlman, Executive Vice President of Research & Development, BD (Becton Dickenson)
    • OCI Two Years Later, a presentation from the 2013 OCI recipient, Novozymes
    • 2016 OCI Winner Presentation, a session from the 2016 OCI winner to be announced

    Sessions are open to all product development and management practitioners and academics, and attendees can participate in one track or mix and match sessions based on needs or interests.

    Registration is open and best rates expire Aug. 26. Learn more at www.pdma.org/annualconference.

    About PDMA

    Founded in 1976, the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is the premier global advocate for product development and management professionals. Its mission is to improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations involved in the integrated activities related to all areas of product development and management.

    PDMA is the only organization that focuses on addressing this challenge by bringing together academics, professionals and solution providers in a community driven to accelerate the contribution innovation makes to the economic and professional growth of people, businesses and societies around the world. To learn more, visit www.pdma.org.


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    Kelly Baker Brand culture
    By: Kelly Baker | Posted: January 23, 2018, 2:31 am

    Brand culture and values has always been a key ingredient for companies that focus on excellence. What's different is that it's developed into a discipline that can be managed. We are now smarter about how to develop it where it wasn't already there. And, Zappos is very large. I didn't write my paper for me to be a small business report but I think the Post recognized that the same principles that apply for large businesses can apply to small.

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