JPIM Gets Recognized by Forbes Magazine

    By: PDMA Headquarters on Jun 29, 2015

    Forbes Magazine Contributer Christian Stadler recognizes PDMA'Journal of Product Innovation Management in recent article "Should Managers Read Academic Articles? Yes!". Stadler writes that JPIM is one publication that "that stand[s] out from the others". All PDMA members receive digital access to an archive of all JPIM issues dating back to 1984.

    JPIM is an international, interdisciplinary academic journal devoted to the latest research, theory, and practice in new product and service development. The scope of the journal is broad, taking account of issues that are crucial to successful product innovation. JPIM seeks to advance our theoretical and  managerial knowledge of product and service  development. The journal publishes original articles on organizations of all sizes from the consumer, business-to-business, and institutional domains. JPIM is dedicated to the advancement of management practice in all of the functions involved in the total process of product innovation. Its purpose is to bring theoretical structures and practical techniques to managers and students of product innovation to enable them to operate at the cutting-edge of effective management practice.

    Articles published in the journal consist of three types:

     1. Original research articles including conceptual, theoretical, and empirical articles. All research articles are subject to double-blind, refereed peer review.

     2. “From Experience” articles which describe unique perspectives and approaches to improving new product and service development.  Submissions are subject to review by JPIM editor.

     3. “Perspective” articles which are not original research, yet provide value to scholars and/or practitioners. Such submissions might include, but are not limited to, analyses of journals or scholars leading to ranking outcomes, application of theoretical principles to actual firm activities, and thoughtful essays. Perspective article submissions are also reviewed by the editor.

    If you have an idea for a “From Experience” or “Perspective” piece, please contact the Editor Gloria Barczak at

     To access JPIM:

    Thank you to the JPIM Editors and contributers for creating an exelempary academic journal! 

    Released: June 29, 2015, 7:56 am | Updated: July 30, 2015, 1:50 pm
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