Data as Innovation – A Sneak Peek of the PDMA Annual Conference

    By: Elizabeth Conner on Sep 15, 2016

    PDMA is pleased to announce Raleigh Gresham, Director of Global Business Traveler Insights and Experience at InterContinental Hotels Group as one of the featured 2016 PDMA Annual Conference keynote speakers.

    Raleigh has built a career around designing ways for brands and organizations to truly put their information and data to use in pragmatically meaningful ways. In his keynote presentation, “Data as Innovation,” he will discuss the technical, cultural and behavioral phenomenon that is making data product innovations a reality and why getting past data analysis is critical to bringing these innovations to life.

    Did we spark some interest? Raleigh has a message for fellow product development and management masterminds.

    Watch his teaser video below to learn what to expect from his keynote presentation.


    Don’t miss PDMA’s impressive speaker line up at the 2016 Annual Conference, October 16-19 in Atlanta, Georgia. Register by August 26 to save up to $375.

    Raleigh is a keynote presenter at the 2016 PDMA Annual Conference. At IGH, Raleigh is turning data into hospitality as the Global Director of Business Traveler Insights and Experience at Intercontinental Hotels Group where his team is blending advanced analytics with service and experience design to create tailored moments of hospitality for IHG’s business travelers.

    Released: September 15, 2016, 7:56 am
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