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PDMA Headquarters

Product Development and Management Association 
1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252
St. Paul, MN 55114 U.S.A.
Phone: 651-290-6280
Fax: 651-290-2266

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Staff Team and Responsibilities

Eric Ewald

Executive Director | Eric Ewald, CAE | 651-290-6266

Eric is the lead staff person overseeing all PDMA operations. He works with the staff and volunteer leaders to fulfill operations in support of the strategic direction and goals of the organization. Eric is the principal contact for PDMA staff operations and can be contacted about anything related to PDMA.

Arzu Alimohd

Assistant Account Executive | Arzu Alimohd | 651-290-7483

Arzu assists Eric in PDMA operations. She sends calls for Board reports, prepares and sends Board meeting packets, takes minutes at Board meetings, assists on-site at events and other tasks in support of Executive Director and Board. She assists chapters and affiliates and manages the award nomination processes.

Amanda Ewald

Finance Director | Amanda Ewald | 651-290-7476

Amanda prepares monthly financial statements, inputs the annual budget, coordinates the annual tax return filing and the annual audit. She is responsible for all transactions and overseeing proper management of PDMA finances. She also oversees online payment administration and the issuing of receipts, invoices, and financial documents. She also manages staff who completes data entry and maintenance related to registrations, sponsorships, membership dues payments, subscriptions, and other purchases.

Jacon Acord

Membership Manager | Jason Acord | 651-366-6088

Jason is the lead staff person overseeing PDMA membership. He assist PDMA leadership and volunteers with the development, execution and tracking of all membership renewal, recruitment and new membership on-boarding programs.

Barb Mann

Member Services Specialist | Barb Mann | 651-290-6280

Barb is often the first point of contact when people call the offices. They maintain member records and assist with any member-related questions. They respond to and/or redirect inquiries from members and the public.

Blake Finger

Sales Manager | Blake Finger, ISC | 651-288-3423

Blake is the sales manager for PDMA. He focuses on building relationships with PDMA’s advertisers and sponsors. Blake focuses on building relationships, raising advertising and sponsorship revenue for PDMA, and is responsible for fulfilling their benefits. He also provides regular sales reports tracking progress for all areas of sales.

Jess Myers

Public and Media Relations | Jess Myers | 651-290-7465

Jess handles public relations and media communications for PDMA, including press releases, whitepapers, member achievements and announcements of interest for the public and the association membership. He maintains and updates a comprehensive media database and provides regular reports to association leadership.

Kate-Madonna Hindes

Marketing | Kate-Madonna Hindes | 651-288-3433

Kate-Madonna Hindes joined Ewald Consulting in 2014 as Director of Marketing. Kate-Madonna is an industry leader and nationally recognized analyst and keynote speaker on emotional integrity and authenticity in today’s online media. With 15+ years of combined experience in digital technology, trade publications and national government, Hindes is a regular contributor to news media and industry magazines. Notably, she sits on the coaching panel for Keith Ferrazzi’s Relationship Academy. Hindes handles marketing content, analytics and advertising strategy for PDMA.

Ashley Crunstedt

Conference Planner | Ashley Crunstedt | 651-203-7248

Ashley is the lead staff person on the conference and forum event. She works with leadership on hotel site selection and contract negotiation. Ashley also works with the conference planning committee on program development. She is in charge of all production logistics onsite at both the conference and forum event.

Ana Wrisky

Director of Design and Usability | Anna Wrisky | 651-290-6298

Anna is the lead communications and design staff for PDMA. She oversees website design, usability, maintenance and email marketing. Anna also facilitates newsletter layout, event materials, design-related projects and PDMA branding while assisting with marketing strategy.

Sijia Fan

Communications Specialist | Sijia Fan | 651-366-6081

Sijia works with PDMA leadership and staff on virtually all aspects of PDMA communication. She designs and maintains the PDMA website, brands and distributes most email communication and produces downloadable/print materials. She facilitates online registrations, surveys, groups, and any communication/design materials.

Julia Renner

Professional Development Specialist | Julia Renner | 651-366-6084

Julia supports the NPDP Certification program, leveraging her background in curriculum design and education. She also assists with remote professional development offerings, such as webinars, virtual seminar or other forms of online learning.